Difference Between Compoundable & Non-Compoundable Offenses

Difference Between Compoundable & Non-Compoundable Offenses

Criminal Law- The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973

Difference Between Compoundable Offenses and Non-Compoundable Offenses

Compoundable Offenses –

  1. Compoundable Offense are classified under section 320 of Criminal Procedure Code
  2. Compoundable Offenses are those offense which are less serious in nature.
  3. Compoundable offenses mostly affects private persons.
  4. Compoundable offenses are mainly of two types namely – (i) Compoundable with the permission of the Court (ii) Compoundable without the permission of the Court
  5. Compoundable offenses can be compromised by the victim and the offender, with or without the permission of the court.
  6. Under a Compoundable offense, upon a compromise, the offender is acquitted without any trail.


Non-Compoundable Offenses –

  1. Non-Compoundable offenses are classified under CrPc.
  2. Non-Compoundable offenses are those offenses which are serious in nature.
  3. Under a non-compoundable offense, a private party as well as the society, both are affected by such offenses.
  4. Under a Non-compoundable offense, no compromise is allowed. Even the court does not has the authority and power to compound such offense.
  5. Under a Non-Compoundable offense, full trail is held which ends with the acquittal or conviction of the offender, based on the evidence given.





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