Legal Jobs: Associate Editors for Policy Eye Magazine: Apply by August 21

Legal Jobs: Equi Law Partners, Delhi (Vacancy for Freshers Only)


Policy Eye keeps the individual update by providing information through the digital magazine by publishing

  • National and international developments
  • Focusing on economics and foreign policy
  • Keep up to date information on laws and politics.

We keep the information simple and easy to understand by the investors by sharing the current news weekly or monthly as the demand or important information occurs. Policy Eye came into existence in 2016, which has captured the eyes of the huge number of audience which are in and across the globe.


The candidates who want to join must be graduates and motivated students. The students can join us as-


A columnist is required to look after each division whether it is economics, foreign policy, law and politics. He should give his full contribution in respective fields. He should keep a track of all policies and should be aware of its advantages or disadvantages.

He should go through all the concepts related to editor’s request and have a duty to investigate its present procedures by considering and executing the interventions made by ediors which helps to analyze all the aspects.

Candidate must have knowledge of the English language which should meet the standards of clearness,briefness, and wittiness.

Associate Editors

An associate editor is required by each division, whether it is economics, foreign policy, law and politics. They are responsible to work in their assigned fields with excellent articles. They coordinate and

Draft the articles by columnists,

Reviewing draft articles

Recommending possible variations with respect to content or style.

Candidate must have knowledge of the English language which should contain clarity,shortness, and sharpness.

Marketing Associate

To build a brand in the emergency for Policy Eye as it came into existence in 2016. To play a vital role in the market, they follow a marketing strategy which will help them to enhance its readership size. The applicant should be aware of the social media which will really affect the goodwill of the policy. The applicant  should be aware of English language so as to convey any written material with accuracy and accuracy.

IT & Designs Associate

Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is necessary and it will add benefit as it is a digital platform. The aspirant  should be aware of English language and will be able to take care of websites.


The applicant who is interested can send their resumes till 21st August to


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