Australian Parliament inquiring if E- cigarette is less harmful
Australian Parliament inquiring if E- cigarette is less harmful


According to a study conducted by University of California, e-cigarettes users are likely to succeed in quitting than the non-users. This study was published in the British Medical Journal and claims that the devices are a useful tool as it helps the smokers to quit. The study was conducted on 160,000 people. It claims that out of the people who quit, nearly 50% of them had tried e-cigarette.

Alison Paul is one such addict who smoked for 30 years and made several unsuccessful attempts to quit. In the 2014, she started vaping and that is when she was able to quit successfully.

E-cigarettes and vapour devices use liquid nicotine. The devices heat the liquid nicotine juice into an aerosol, which is inhaled by the user.

The question is to whether to legalize such devices. The federal parliament is inquiring into it. According to the Australian laws, importing nicotine is legal but possessing it is illegal. It is illegal to use any nicotine based product as it has been categorized as poison by Therapeutic Goods Administration. There are various petitions filed to change this law.

More than hundred people have written submissions to the government to change the present law. Ms. Paul is one such pleader.

A professor from the University of Sydney, Prof. Simon Chapman, is of the opinion that the potential dangers of the device are still not completely investigated. He has also stated that before legalizing the product and making it available, it must be fully regulated. He has warned to check the product and submit good quality evidence that they are effective and safe before changing the law. Speaking in support of the manufacturers of nicotine replacement products, Prof. Chapman stated that they had to produce evidence that their product is effective and safe.

The users plead that a delay in changing the law can result in loss of lives of the smokers who are finding it difficult to quit the bad habit.




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