Canada: New Rules Released By British Columbia Government For Recreational Marijuana
Canada: New Rules Released By British Columbia Government For Recreational Marijuana

The provincial government of British Columbia has issued further rules regarding the use of recreational marijuana which becomes legal in Canada later this year. These are in addition to the rules released earlier. 

No Cannabis Sale With Alcohol

Cannabis will not be sold along with alcohol , as per latest rules.

  • In urban regions, licensed retailers must sell cannabis and cannabis accessories alone and , no other product, such as food, gas, clothing and lottery, can be sold.
  • In rural areas, some exemptions are possible for non-medical cannabis retail stores, similar to those enjoyed by rural liquor stores. Regulations for this are still under development.

30 gms Personal public possession allowed

  • Up to 30 grams of non-medical cannabis can be possessed by anyone over the age 19 in a public place.
  • Cannabis cannot be used in any vehicle and will need to be placed in a sealed package, inaccessible to all.

Public use restrictions

  • Smoking cannabis will generally be allowed in all public spaces wherein tobacco smoking and vaping are permitted. However, use of non-medical marijuana will not be allowed in areas frequented by children.

Some provinces have said public smoking of marijuana is not permissible under any circumstances. Additionally, local governments can set additional restrictions . Similarly landlords and strata councils can enforce restrictions as needed.

Drug-impaired driving

Drug-impaired driving will be illegal and the government has plans to increase law enforcement training. New regulations are likely which would give police more tools to remove drug-impaired drivers from the road, such as a 90-day administrative driving prohibition (ADP) for drug-affected driving.

Personal cultivation

The province will permit adults to grow a maximum of four cannabis plants per household but they must not be visible. Home cultivation of non-medical cannabis is banned in dwellings used as daycares, and landlords/strata councils can also restrict or prohibit home cultivation.

Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General said further rules surrounding leases   are being developed.

New Rules Attract Mixed Response

Opposition party BC Liberals criticised the delay in issuing regulations, but marijuana advocates, have supported many of the rules including the one banning selling of alcohol and cannabis together.

Dispensary owner and activist Dana Larsen said that marijuana and cannabis were two different products  and so must not be sold together.

Private liquor store owners, who had ran a campaign along with unionized government liquor store workers for selling pot with booze were however disappointed, stating that it was a “missed opportunity”.


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