Choose Courts Not MNCs, Justice BS Chauhan Tells Law Students
Choose Courts Not MNCs, Justice BS Chauhan Tells Law Students

Justice BS Chauhan, chairman of the Law Commission of India, called upon law students to join the courts as lawyers and magistrates instead of chasing lucrative careers in MNCs.

Justice Chauhan made the comments while addressing the inauguration of the IM Nanavati Memorial National Moot Court Competition. The event had 95 participants from 15 states across the country.

‘Brightest Minds’ Choosing Corporate Jobs

In his address, Justice Chauhan lamented the “sad trend” that “our brightest minds” often  choose to work with MNCs for financial benefits. He urged the students to pursue legal practice in court stating that the courts in India offer “as much good opportunities”  if they choose to practise there.

He also told them to focus on facts and pay attention to their clients, noting that “the law does not operate in vacuum” and that it “relies on facts to arrive at a judgment.”

To make his point regarding the importance of facts he recounted a case presented before the Supreme Court regarding a property dispute in a zamindar’s family which had reached the top court after going through various lower courts .

He said that on evaluating the facts, it was observed that the second wife of the zamindar had delivered her first child at age six, while the second child was born when she was 10 and that her son was born even before her. Justice Chauhan noted that such cases were prime example of lawyers failing to talk to their clients and of them disregarding facts.

Gold Medal No Guarantee of Success

In his speech to the students, Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama also a lawyer highlighted that a gold medal did not guarantee success in court. He stated that it was hard to be successful in court as that’s where “your true calibre will come into play”.


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