Congress questions on Modi';s silence on ';Lalitgate'
Congress questions on Modi';s silence on ';Lalitgate'


Congress questions on Modi’s silence on – Lalit Gate

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is still have passed no statement regarding involvement two of his minister in Lalit Modi and they are accused of helping Lalit Modi the former IPL Boss. Congress this time chosed PM’;s silence as their next weapon in attaking Modi Government which may make the land under their feet a bit stronger.

Today congress questioned why prime minister is silence about Sushma Swaran, External Affairs Minister and Rajasthan CM Basundhara Raje. Keeping their past demand of Termination of Sushma-Raje, congress now demanding Prime Minister’;s statement into the matter. They made out a questionarie of 7 vital point which they marked the Prime Minister should speak on.

A senior congress leader said that the nation is eager to know Modi’;s stand regarding Sushma Raje and still the PM is doing “Raje Dharma”. They also had taken Advani’;s comment as a added tool to attack.

Congress also demand to bring out the letters between finance ministry and foreign council of exchange where Lalit has been referred. Sushma Swaaj earlier sais she helped Modi on Humanity as his wife was ill. Congress pointed why Sushma didn’t asked him to come back as soon as the check up was over.

Congress questions on Modi';s silence on ';Lalitgate';
Congress questions on Modi’;s silence on ‘;Lalitgate’

Congress also asked that why a new passport has been issued to Lalit Modi. They also questioned about the steps taken by NDA so that Modi can be presented to ED as and when required.

BJP is facing much trouble by rapid fire like attack of congress. However they still prefer to defend their Leaders and counter attacked Congress taking Lalit’;s tweet of meeting Priyanka Gandhi.

Reported by Rajiv


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