Delhi High Court: MCDs Reprimanded and Streamlined over safai karamcharis jobs
Delhi High Court: MCDs Reprimanded and Streamlined over safai karamcharis jobs

Delhi High Court: MCDs Reprimanded and Streamlined over safai karamcharis jobs


The Delhi High court reprimanded the three municipal corporations on the grounds of “deficiency in the willingness to work” and asked them to contour the duties of safai karamcharis economically and efficiently in order to ensure regular removal of garbage from the city roads as this deficiency in work is resulting in the diseases like malaria, dengue and chikungunya.

A bench comprising of Active Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C Hari Shankar proposed the corporations the need of installing a biometric attendance system and the use of instant messaging application like whatsapp which will make certain the presence of safai karamcharis in the areas which they are entrusted.

The bench reported, “There is a lacuna in assigning of the work to the safai karamcharis and their presence on the spot. Try and streamline a process through which those present at the site can send the picture of the area they have cleaned. You regulate their working hours and there will be visible difference in Delhi today and tomorrow.”

The counsel representing the corporations contended that the garbage is being thrown by the people residing in the unauthorized colony. For which the bench responded that such problems had to be considered by the authorities before regularizing the unauthorized colonies. According to the bench Delhi government and MCDs are extravagantly regularizing colonies as a consequence of which many problems are being faced by the citizens.

The bench also suggested the authorities for the creation of an awareness programme and impart education to people which will help to overcome such situations and showed their keenness to know about the action plan that the centre, Delhi government and MCDs will undertake to dispose the garbage. The bench further added, “We need to move ahead and undergo some education, like the Delhi State Authority is already working on a project.”

The bench also enquired about the fund that was being given to the three corporations for making payments to the safai karamcharis by Delhi government and the matter will be heard in the court tomorrow. Apart from this the court is also engaged in the hearing of two pleas accusing the AAP government and MCDs for not acting in a responsible manner.

In the previous hearings it was made clear that there has been “willful violation and disobedience” of the court orders regarding the collection and disposal of garbage. The court looked into this matter after a TV news channel showed garbage overflowing from the roads. The court also considered the matter of solid waste disposal after being informed that such type of waste contributes in the breeding of mosquitoes which results in the diseases like dengue and chikungunya.



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