Delhi High Court: Nothing can be more horrific than a child being tortured by father

Delhi High Court: Nothing can be more horrific than a child being tortured by father

Nothing can be more heinous than a father ravishing his own child, pbserved the High Court of Delhi while upholding the life imprisonment imposed to a man for raping and sodomising his nine-year-old daughter.

The Delhi High Court denied to set aside or modify the jail term awarded to the man by the trial court and dismissed his appeal, stating the crime was committed by the father who was duty-bound to provide “unflinching protection” to his daughter.

“Further, let it not be forgotten that this is a case of rape on a minor girl, only nine-years-old at the time of commission of the offence, by her own father. Nothing can be more horrific and tormenting to the child than the crime committed on them by her own father, the one who is responsible to provide her unflinching protection from all harm,” a bench of Justices Siddharth Mridul and Mukta Gupta mentioned in a recent order.

 The trial court has stated that the sentence would run concurrently and the father shall not be given any clemency by the state before he spends at least 20 years in jail.

The high court referred to a Supreme Court judgement which said it was necessary for the courts to have a sensitive approach while dealing with cases of rape of a girl child. The effect of such a crime on the mind on the child is likely to last for an entire life time, it had said.

A case was lodged against the man by his wife at a police station near Najafgharh in southwest Delhi on the complaint the victim’s mother alleging that one of her two daughters was raped by her husband in September 2012.

The incident grabbed attention when the minor girl complaint of abdominal pain and was taken by her mother to a doctor.  The doctor informed the mother hat the child was sexually abused. Following this, the minor had disclosed the ordeal.

The child had alleged that she was raped by her father several times at their house and he had threatened her not to disclose it to anyone. The man had denied the allegations and claimed he was falsely implicated by his wife as he had objected to her alleged illicit relations.

The high court, however, termed the ground taken by the convict to be an afterthought and said the evidence brought on record fully established the case of the prosecution.

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