Diesel and Petrol Car Ban in UK by 2040 to encourage sale of electric and hybrid vehicles
Diesel and Petrol Car Ban in UK by 2040 to encourage sale of electric and hybrid vehicles


The government of UK is planning to ban the sale of diesel and petrol cars by 2040 to encourage people to buy electric and hybrid vehicles. The main aim as per Mr. Grove, the Environment Secretary, is to reduce the emission on specific roads.

The restriction on diesel cars will be only till the air pollution level falls down. The councils have listed 81 major roads and 17 towns and cities where an urgent action is needed as they are breaching the EU emissions standards.

According to the National Grid report, the switch from diesel and petrol cars to the electric and hybrid cars will increase the demand for electricity by 31 GW to the current peak of 61 GW.

After the government lost the case of breaches of EU emissions standards against the environmental campaigners Client Earth, it is forced to come up with new regulatory measures. These measures are the said to include the removal of speed bumps to ensure smooth flow of traffic and so that the drivers arrive at green light rather than red light to reduce the traffic.

The council has introduced on-the-spot fines up to 80 Euros to combat the practice of leaving the engine running.

The proposal also includes “real driving emission” vehicle test so that the public sector is encouraged to buy cleaner vehicles.

After the reduction in fuel duty on diesel cars, there is a huge increase in the number of vehicles being driven on the roads of Britain. The diesel vehicle emits harmful gases like nitrogen dioxide which increases the risk of strokes, heart attacks and the asthma attacks.



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