Former Czech Republic PM Urges Legal Debate On Outlawing Political Islam And Sharia Law
Former Czech Republic PM Urges Legal Debate On Outlawing Political Islam And Sharia Law

In a speech delivered at the Legal Salon, Mirek Topolánek, who is the former prime minister of the Czech Republic and also the former president of the European Council, has warned that a legal debate must be initiated to consider the outlawing  of “Political Islam and Sharia law” in the EU region to preserve “our form of law and our values.”

The speech was delivered by Topolánek in November 2017 at Prague, where he noted that the principle of equality is enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms which is part of Czech Republic’s constitutional order.

He further added that the idea of human rights based on equality is fundamental to Western and in particular European culture – starting from the Magna Carta Libertatum, the US Declaration of Independence to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This concept of human rights is seen “as inalienable, definite and universal”  according to him and has culminated in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, which has named equality as one of the basic human rights.

However, he has pointed out, the growth of a parallel legal system which has been gradually creeping into the EU, quoting American historian, Andrew Michta, who has observed that there is an increasing presence of “suspended communities” nested within nations throughout the West.

Encouraged By Multiculturalism Ethnic Enclaves Fracturing European Societies

As these ethnic and cultural enclaves grow and consolidate, they start becoming more and more disconnected from the national community. Such enclaves, which have been reinforced by elite policies of multiculturalism, encourage group identity politics, as well as the deconstruction of Western heritage, which has contributed to the fracturing of Western European nations and has weakened the overall sense of mutual responsibility, Michta has argued.

Similarly Topolánek quoted Italian journalist Giulio Meotti,who has highlighted that thanks to European multiculturalism, Muslim women have “lost many rights they should have had in Europe”. They are facing “honor crimes”

  • for refusing to wear an Islamic veil
  • for dressing up in Western clothes
  • for meeting with Christian friends
  • for converting to another faith
  • for seeking a divorce
  • for resisting being beaten and for being too “independent”.

Meotti  noted that it was “one of the great ironies of multiculturalism” that while five European NATO members are battling Taliban in Afghanistan who enslave women, in Europe the same thing is occurring in local ghettos.

According to Meotti  under multiculturalism,

  • Polygamy has increased,
  • Female genital mutilation has increased with 500,000 cases reported across Europe
  • Anti-Semitism has also seen a sharp jump, especially in France
  • The fear of “offending” Islamic minorities is leading to wishful blindness. An example being the case of mass-rape and grooming of nearly 1,400 children in the UK city of Rotherham by “rape gangs of Pakistani origin”.

In Meotti  ‘s opinion, the idea of multiculturalism is based on the “legalization of a parallel sharia society”, which is established on the rejection of Western values of equality and freedom.

European Countries Fear Backlash

In Topolánek’s speech, he used Meotti ‘s example of Germany to highlight the current reaction of European countries.

In a September 2015 report, he stated that when thousands of Syrian migrants were heading towards Germany through the Balkan route,  Chancellor Angela Merkel consulted Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière regarding the measures needed to protect the borders, wherein thousands of policemen were already located.

De Maizière in turn consulted with Dieter Romann, then head of the police, asking him, “what happens if 500 refugees with children in their arms run toward the border guards?”.

De Maiziére was informed that “appropriate use of measures “ would be taken by the police on ground. When the Chancellor informed of this, Merkel reversed her original commitment, and the borders were opened for 180 days.

Robin Alexander, Die Welt’s leading journalist noted that the “feared images of armed German police confronting civilians” for “historical reasons.”

Topolánek noted that Merkel’s refugee policy was not “a masterpiece of humanitarian politics”, but in fact “dictated by the fear of television images spread all over the world.”

Islamists Countries Support Religion Growth

Another example used by Topolánek was of Spain where Muslims are being recorded as having a “shocking population increase.”

In 1990, Muslims were numbered to be 100,000 in the country, but by 2017,  the number was nearly two million, a growth of 1,900% in 27 years. There are 1,400 mosques in the country representing 21% of all places of worship across all religions in Spain as per government data.

Meotti has also pointed out that Gulf donors, such as Qatar, were funding Spain’s Islamization with the Saudis recently launching  a new Spanish television channel, Córdoba TV, as has Iran.

He has stated that the Islamists are aiming to  “regain the ‘lost Caliphate’ of Spain”. While some are trying to do it via bombs and car-ramming attacks, others are using more surreptitious methods of dawa, Islamic propaganda and money .

Radical Muslim Movement Based On 7th century Ideas

According to Topolánek, the roots of the radical Muslim behaviour being seen now prevalently in Europe can be traced to Islamic law and doctrine created in the 7th century, which includes:

  • polygamy for men
  • allowing men to buy and sell women as concubines or sex slaves or
  • selective divorce rights that discriminate against women
  • dress code for women that includes hiding their faces; and
  • discriminatory inheritance laws.

This form of law is what Muslim communities in Europe are seeking which are  based on inequality of gender, religion, ethnicity and social status Topolánek said.

Topolánek emphasised that Islam is not just a religion but a whole civilization with a detailed political system and legal order – Sharia law. Under sharia law,

  • No freedom of religion, speech, thought, artistic expression or the press exists
  • There is no united protection for all people
  • Justice is different for Muslims and non-Muslims, for men and women
  • There is no concept of democracy
  • Jews and Christians are dhimmi, third-class citizens

According to him, Islamism is a complete ideology that has never been, and will never be compatible with or integrated into European law.

He has urged that “a very profound and, above all, expert legal debate” must be started on the issue, and political Islam and sharia must be outlawed in Czech Republic stating that it was matter of survival to preserve of the country’s form of law and values.




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