Increasing Number Of Juveniles In Conflict With Law In Delhi
Increasing Number Of Juveniles In Conflict With Law In Delhi

Capital city Delhi has seen an increase in the number of crimes committed by juveniles in 2016.

According to latest government data, from 1,671 cases registered in 2014, and 1,980 case in 2015 , it has risen to 2,368 in 2016. This jump has made Delhi the metropolitan city with the highest crimes by juveniles, reaching 35.6 % .

The NCRB data has reported that nearly 3610 juveniles were apprehended in 2016 of whom 2977 lived with parents while 220 were homeless.

Just 75 of these juveniles had studied up to high school level. Around 1,460 of them were recorded to have received primary education but 1,007 had received none.

Out of the 2,368 crimes said to have been committed by minors, 766 were related to theft while 370 were robbery. Nearly 143 cases were of rape, 138 for outraging women’s’ modesty and 66 for sexual harassment. A further 37 crimes were for assault, 46 for abduction or Kidnapping and 15 were related to stalking.

Crime Against Children Shows A Drop

The NCRB data has revealed a dip in crime against children in Delhi, with cases dropping to  7,392 as against 8,035 recorded in 2015. Despite this the city still leads other cities with 39.6% of all crimes. Mumbai with 3,400 cases and Bengaluru with 1,333 cases follow next in the list with 16.9% and 7.0%, respectively.

Nationwide, most criminal cases involving children relate to kidnapping & abduction with 67.7 %. Next are cases registered under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act at 24.2%.


The data shows that 37 children were murdered In Delhi, while 11 faced attempts on their lives and 24 were abandoned. Additionally two cases related to infanticide along with seven cases of foeticide were recorded in 2016.


Nearly 2,589 men  as well as 42 women had been arrested in 2016 for their involvement in crimes against children. Chargesheets have been filed against 25 women and2,331 men and. Around 314 men along with three women have been convicted while 455 men plus three women were let off.


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