Indo-Pak face off at ICJ: ‘Namaskar’ summed up chills in ties

kulbushan jadhav case at ICJ


You heard it right, India has given a strong message to Pakistan, it seems that “ Deepak Mittal” is not so happy (minister of External Affairs) has given strong message that they are not going to stay calm in this matter, he simply rejected the hand-shake of “ Hussain Zaidi” and greeted him with a sign of “namaskar”.

India has taken the defense that, the case was graver, which is the reason why they have referred the matter to this court. India even claimed that, they fear that Pakistan will hang kulbhushan without even any notice. They spoke that, graver the offence the important need to apply the Vienna Convention. ICJ refused to see the Confession video by Kulbhushan Jadhav that was done in Pakistan.  India even raised the contention that, they cannot hang the person while case was being discussed in this Court.

To the contention raised by the Pakistan lawyers, Indians have reported that they want a clear and immediate representation. Pakistan Claims that, the Vienna Convention was not applicable the persons who were ‘spies’ and ‘terrorists’.

The need for intervening of ICJ in this case was that, according to the rules of the ICJ, when there is a graver and large case, then the countries can refer the matter to this court.

After listening to the matters of both the Countries, ICJ has ordered Pakistan to stop the death penalty.

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