ITI Entrance exam has backed
ITI Entrance exam backed



West Bengal : After it came to light the admit card of an ITI Entrance Examine has been issued with a picture of Dog instead of the candidate, now the entire exam has been declared as “cancelled”.

This year ITI Entrance exam has backed up with many drama. After the admit card incident today morning it declared the question has been leaked out in several district of the state and hence the exam has been cancelled and rescheduled.

“As soon as we got the news that the question papers have been leaked out in several district, we ordered the cancellation of exam”, Ujjal Biswas, the minister in charge of Technical Education and Training, West Bengal, said in a press meet.

The minister also said that the department had informed the students via sms by 8:30 am so that they can be informed prior time. On the other hand many students said that they haven’t received any sms and came to know about the cancellation as they reach the exam center.

ITI Entrance exam has backed
ITI Entrance exam has backed

Previously a candidate named Soumadip Mahata who is from jhargram district of west midnapore found a picture of dog at his admit card instead of his picture after downloading the admit. The very next day examination has been declared cancel due to question leakage.

The minister also confirmed the examination has been rescheduled on July 5

Reported by Debanjan


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