LAWNN.COM’s Online National Article Writing Competition On Social Legal Welfare- [Registration Open Till 5th December, 2018]
LAWNN.COM’s Online National Article Writing Competition On Social Legal Welfare- [Registration Open Till 5th December, 2018]



Law News And Network ( announces its Online National Article Writing Competition on Social Legal Welfare. Law Students nationwide are welcomed to Penn down their thoughts, views and possible solutions to some of the most chaotic issues that our society is victimized and revolutionized by. Being the young strongest pillar of the legal system in making, your well aware legal knowledge, research, experience so far, and education driven sensibility are the best components to bring in transformation in the old laid foundations and structures to the new ones. And that’s why your views and individualistic approach hold an immense high and important value to a better world all of us dream of.

Your knowledge contributions are welcomed!


Topics – (You are allowed to write on only 1 Topic)

  1. Sexual harassment at the workplace
  2. Live-in relationship vs Marriage- Merits, and Defects
  3. Animal Cruelty- Laws to protect animals in India- Should the world unite to promote veganism? If yes, Why? If no, Why Not?
  4. Section-498A of IPC- Uses, and misuses
  5. Rape – Would you consider a retributive form of punishment for rape considering the brutality that is inflicted on the rape victims looking at the recent horrendous incidents? Explain your reason for a Yes or No.
  6. Police in India- An Angel or a Demon?



  1. The competition is open for students pursuing a 3-year LL.B. course or 5 years integrated LL.B. course, from a recognized University/College in India.
  2. Students pursuing LL.M. can also participate.

Participation Guidelines-

  • The Article must be written in English.
  • Only one article per participant may be submitted. Multiple or incomplete submissions will lead to disqualification.
  • Co-authorship is strictly not permitted.
  • The article shall not be plagiarized. Only the original articles will be considered for the competition. No part of it should have been published earlier nor should it be under consideration for publication or a contest elsewhere. Any form of plagiarism will result in disqualification of the article. The participants will submit a separate undertaking with regard to the originality of work.
  • Copyright of the Articles shall rest with the organizers. Organizers hold the right to republish/modify the articles if required.
  • Identification mark (name or any mark which identifies the author) must not be found in any part of the article.


Submission Guidelines:

Participants are requested to adhere to the following submission guidelines while sending their final Email of article submission :

  • As this is an Online competition, the Participants are required to submit only the soft copies of the article and must submit their article via e-mail only, with the following attachments that should be sent in the email:
  1. The article in an MS Word format should be emailed to including under the subject title “Submission to LAWNN.COM, with mentioning – [Name of the Author & College/University.

2. An undertaking as to guarantee of originality.

3. Cover page containing the Author’s Name, Present and Permanent Address, E-mail ID, Contact Number and Name of the College/University current academic status (Year, Course Name) and one Photo ID of the Participant attached to the email.


  1. Word Limit for the Competition: 2000-2500 words (excluding footnotes).

5. Formatting specifications:

  • Font and size for the essay: Times New Roman | 12
  • Font and size for footnotes: Times New Roman | 10
  • Line spacing: 1.5
  1. The article should be an amalgamation of paragraphs, multiple sub-headings and bullet points. No use of Pictures or graphs should be made. However, you can make use of tables and statistics, if required.
  2. Neatness, clarity and good presentation of the article secure more points.
  1. Citation Style: Uniform style of citation should be followed throughout the article.


Miscellaneous Rules:

  1. The copyright for all the articles shall vest with the organizers who herewith reserve the right to modify or postpone the competition and its adjudication indefinitely as and when exigencies of an unforeseen nature may arise.



The prizes are not just limited to prize money and certificates. We are here to make you famous Worldwide!

Top six entries will get the chance to showcase themselves, their college, and a lot more about themselves in our “Winners Section” &  “Student News Shots Section” on, to be launched post the competition, which can help you in a long run to attract more opportunities as visibility on a global platform brings more opportunities and rewards.

Top 3 winners also earn themselves the opportunity to be “In The News” for a duration of 4 days together in the Student News Shots section on LAWNN where all the talk of the post would be your exclusive publication- ALL ABOUT YOU!


An exclusive insight into your world of study & struggle when put in the limelight, can attract more legal professional visitors, opportunities that may enhance your career and will be a handsome add-on to your resume lifelong with making your journey easier in many ways.

You earn the respect and attention among your fellow college/university mates which you deserve.

  1. Winner – INR 15,000 + certificate of achievement + Profile Building & Publicity on LAWNN.COM (With an exclusive 4-day NEWS publication)
  2. First Runner-up – INR 9,000 + certificate of achievement + Profile Building & Publicity on LAWNN.COM (With an exclusive 4-day NEWS publication)
  3. Second Runner-up – INR 7,000 + certificate of achievement + Profile Building & Publicity on LAWNN.COM (With an exclusive 4-day NEWS publication)
  4. Third Runner-up- INR 3,000 + certificate of achievement + Profile Building & Publicity on LAWNN.COM
  5. Fourth Runner-up- INR 2,000 + certificate of achievement + Profile Building & Publicity on LAWNN.COM
  6. Fifth Runner-up- INR 1,000 + certificate of achievement + Profile Building & Publicity on LAWNN.COM

A ‘certificate of merit’ shall be provided to the further top 10 entries with publishing their name, college/university name on LAWNN.COM in the additional top 10 lists.

Note – All participants shall be receiving a ‘certificate of participation’.




Registration –

Candidates interested to participate in the competition shall pay a registration fee of INR 999/- by filling the registration form and paying the registration fee by clicking the register now button below-

Register Now

Note- Once paid the registration fee, will not be refunded for any reason, whatsoever, unless we from our end don’t cancel the competition.


Registration & Submission Dates-

  1. The last date of Registration is- 5th December 2018.
  1. The last date of Submission of the soft copies of the article is- 12th December 2018.
  1. Results to be declared on– 23rd December 2018.






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