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Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks

INDIA-Supreme Court Slams Lawyers For Mounting Pressure On The Judiciary

The Supreme Court has highly criticized lawyers who attack judges and attribute political motives saying that it yielded contempt. It was confirmed by justices Arun Mishra and Vineet Saran that it was becoming a common occurrence for lawyers to go to public and criticize judges. According to new disciplinary rules, it was permitted that  high court judges could initiate action against erring advocates and even disbar them. These rules were initiated after it was discovered that there were increased cases of misbehavior by advocates, back in 2015.

INDIA-Niti Aayog Proposes New Law To Improve Medical Related Devices

Niti Aayog has proposed a new law that will offer top-notch medical products such as x-ray machines. The draft of Biomedical Devices Regulation Bill is yet to be discussed with the Prime Minister in a fortnight or so. The bill is made up of several laws, for instance, need for clinical trial and testing of machines, which aim towards boosting efficiency in the medical devices industry. India stands fourth when it comes to the medical device market in Asia.

UAE- Dubai Base Businessman Rajeev Saxena Extradited From UAE To India

Sources say that Dubai-based Indian businessman Rajeev Saxena, co-accused in the Agusta- Westland scam was most likely to land in India on Wednesday, after being extradited from UAE. Saxena’s lawyers said that no legal extradition proceedings took place in the UAE and that their client was denied access to lawyers, family and most essentially his medication. This is the second biggest extradition after Christian Michel in the alleged multi-crore chopper scam.

INDIA-The Karnataka Government Implements Law To Protect Reservation In Promotions

The Karnataka government has agreed upon the implementation of a law that protects reservation in promotions to employers falling under SC/ST category despite the issue being pending in court. The state government filed a petition against the court ruling but the petition was dismissed. This law was introduced in November 2017 and had the President’s approval. However, after the Supreme Court order, thousands of government employees belonging to the SC/ST category were ripped of their promotions.

USA-Law seekers To Give Another try In Ending USA’S Support For Saudis In Yemen

Republican and Democratic U.S lawmakers will iterate their efforts towards passing a resolution aimed at ending U.S.A support to Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, which may work out this time. The senate passed Yemen-related war powers resolution by a 56-41 vote which could have been as a result of the differences between the U.S government and the government of Yemen. Those who are against the resolution are reluctant to take any action to disrupt the strategic U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia, seen as an essential counterweight in the Middle East to Iran, the arch-enemy of close U.S. ally Israel.

INDIA-Abolishing Sedition Law Will Honor Gandhi’s 150th Birth Anniversary

As the nation is yet to celebrate Gandhi’s 150th birthday anniversary, it is thought that there is no better way to give tribute to Gandhi other than abolishing the sedition law. According to data by National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), it has been observed that the number of people charged with sedition is increasing. It is quite a shame that even is schools, they are not given freedom to express fine art, culture, music, and science freely but are forced into hyper-nationalism. Gandhi is a celebrated figure in the public eye for having spoke his mind even though he faced hardships including allegations of spreading disaffection in the three ‘offensive’ articles he wrote in Young India.

INDIA-Social Activist Anna Hazare Launches Scathing Attack Against Modi Government Over Lokpal Issue

Social activist Anna Hazare has launched a devastating attack against the Modi government concerning the Lokpal issue. Hazare claimed that despite being turned into law five years ago, nothing had been done yet. Hazare wrote a letter to Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis threatening to launch an agitation at his native village in Ahmednagar district over the state on the appointment of Lokpal and passage of Lokayukta Act. Hazare is also demanding the implementation of Swaminathan Commission recommendations and some electoral reforms.

NORTHERN IRELAND- Sarah Ewart begins NI challenge Against New Abortion laws

Many people are against abortion rules in Northern Ireland and many have come forward to challenge the laws. Sarah Ewart has filed a petition against the abortion rules and said her challenge was from personal experience, where she was denied an abortion and yet doctors had confirmed that the baby would not survive. She claims that she had to go to England to terminate the pregnancy and ever since she has sought to fight the laws that denied abortion rights even to those eligible for them.

 USA- California Considers Cutting Of Marijuana Market To Stimulate Legal Market

California’s weed industry was in for a shock after things turned out against their expectation, during their first year after legalization. They showed concern that it was difficult to compete with the state’s robust black market. This called for a proposal to slash the amount of taxes charged. The company also blamed regulations which were enticing growers and sellers to skip licensing and remain to sell marijuana illegally.

INDIA-The Delhi HC Asks AAP To Consider Plea Of 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots Convicts

The Delhi HC has asked the AAP government to make a decision on the parole plea by Balwan Khokhar and former Congress leader Sajjan Kumar who had been sentenced to life imprisonment in relation to 1984 anti-Sikh riots case. On December 17, 2018, the high court set aside trial court’s verdict which acquitted Sanjan Kumar in a case related to killing five Sikhs among other accusations. Following the high court verdict, life term of Khokhar, Bhagmal, and Lal has been upheld and the sentence of Yadav and Kishan Khokar has been enhanced to 10 years in jail.

INDIA-The Delhi HC Issues Recruitment Notification For Senior Judicial Translator And Judicial Translator Posts

The Delhi high court has issued a recruitment notification. The recruitment calls for 16 posts for Senior Judicial Translators and Judicial Translator positions. Candidates are informed that online application begins on February 15, 2019, and the last date for submission of application is March 7, 2019, on the official website:  More info on eligibility can be found on the website

UK-The England Law Society And Wales Offer Solicitors With Collaboration Guidelines In Case Of No-Deal Brexit

The England law Society and Wales have offered commercial co-operation guidelines in the event of no-deal Brexit. It highlights possible changes that will come about when Britain leaves EU without a negotiated withdrawal agreement governing their future relationship. In general, there will be a lot of law changes in the occurrence of Brexit including common rules, motor accidents, and asymmetric clauses.

INDIA- Delhi High Court Seek Response Of Private Hospital Doctors After A petitioner’s mother Dies Of Medical Negligence

The Delhi High Court on Wednesday sought the response of the Delhi government and three private hospitals here on a plea seeking directions to frame binding critical care guidelines for Delhi government-run and private hospitals. The court also asked five doctors of the three private hospitals to give their response in relation to the petition filed by a woman, whose mother had died of cardiac arrest due to alleged medical negligence .

Australia- Ambitious 18-Month Timetable Unveiled For Defamation Law Reform

An 18-month timetable for overhauling the county’s complex and outdated defamation laws has been agreed upon by the state and territories in interest to provide robust new protections for public interest journalism. On Thursday, the states and territories are expected to uncover a timetable, agreed by the attorneys-general in each jurisdiction, to begin enacting changes to Australia’s defamation laws from June 2020. New laws are expected to be introduced in parliaments in June 2020.

INDIA- ‘We Don’t Stand And Talk To Lawyers. We Sit And Talk’ Claims Chief Justice Gogoi

Chief justice Ranjan Gogoi claimed that he did not talk to lawyers after rising from his chair. This is after he dismissed senior lawyer Rajeev Dhavan who wanted to make a clarification on a matter relating to the minority status of the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). On resuming the proceeding Gogoi asked what Dhavan wanted to say before the court had risen. The lawyer replied by saying there was nothing he wanted to say and went on to claim that different Justices had different rules.

PAKISTAN- Expert Sees Asia Bibi Acquittal Fueling Push For ‘Rule Of Law’ In Pakistan

An expert claim that the next absolution for minorities in Pakistani is the press to full equality, this following the release of Asia Bibi, an illiterate Catholic mother of four, who had been accused of blasphemy. However, When the verdict was announced, the extremist Tehreek-i-Labbaik party petitioned the court to overturn it. Later, the court dismissed the petition for it did not sum up. In many cases like these, the endings were different for they included a lot of politics in them and sometimes death threats.

INDIA-Bombay High Court Gives Maharashtra Govt 2 Months To Set Fare Bracket

Bombay High Court has given Maharashtra government two months to set fare bracket for taxis and aggregator cabs like Ola and Uber. This happened approximately two years after the state govt failed to act on recommendations of the state-appointed committee to fix a fare bracket for all app-based cabs, taxis, and rickshaws.

UK-Proposed UK Law Could Expose Journalists’ Emails, Say, Critics

Freedom of speech campaigners is calling upon politicians to make a last-minute intervention to stop legislation that gives British police rights to view journalist E-mails, in favor of journalistic freedom. The legislation is designed to make it easier for British authorities to access data stored overseas by giant tech companies such as Facebook and Google. Rebecca Vincent of Reporters Without Borders said that the legislation could be hazardous and that could have been the reason why it had stayed under the radar for so long. There are still heated arguments on the impact of the legislation on the journalist and all those it could affect.



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