Legal News Shots- Today's Most Trending Picks From Around The World
Legal News Shots- Today's Most Trending Picks From Around The World

India: Report Child Sexual Abuse Regardless Of The Time, Maneka Gandhi Tells Ministry Of Law

The Women and Girl Development Minister on Monday told the Law Ministry not to foot drag in reporting the issue of child sexual abuse regardless of how old the incident occurred. Gandhi expressed happiness that the campaign against child sexual abuse was gaining momentum with the hashtag #MeToo. Gandhi calls on Indian women to always report cases of sexual abuse to the law Ministry regardless of the time limit.


India: Adopt CCIT To Curb Terrorism, Indian MP Tells UN General Assembly Committee

The Indian MP, PD Rai on Monday urged the United Nations General Assembly Committee to consider adopting it proposed Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism in view of the rising trend of terrorism. Rai is the only MP from the Sikkim Democratic Front in his State’s parliament. In response, the UN General Assembly President pleaded with the Committee to expedite action on the CCIT. Recall that India in 1966 proposed the CCIT but the concept is yet to be implemented because of disagreement on the definition of terrorism and terrorists.


Greece: Intelligent Legal Minds Grace EU Competition Summit In Ithaca

The first ever summit organized in August to brainstorm on the EU Competition laws in Greece was graced by top-level legal experts from the international arena. The summit held for two days in the city of Ithaca. Gibson Dunn, a partner at the Peter Alexiadis was the host of the summit. Dunn hopes he can gather bright legal minds at least bi-yearly. Lawyers were given the platform to present their papers.



India: SC Frowns At Those Sexually assaulting Schoolgirls

The Supreme Court bench of Justices Madan B Lokur and Deepak Gupta on Monday frowned at the practice of thrashing school girls for resisting sexual assault in Bihar. The bench wondered whether the girls would not have protected themselves in the face of molestation. There have been newspaper reports that about 30 minors were been thrashed for resisting sexual advances from men. The court made the remark while hearing a plea on child safety in shelter homes.


India: SC Should Only Handle Constitutional Case, Santosh Hegde Suggests

A retired Supreme Court Judge, N Santosh Hegde, 78, on Monday suggested that the nation’s apex court should only entertain constitutional cases and not every litigation, just like the American Supreme Court. He further suggested that cases that are not constitutional should be heard at the lower courts. Hegde also spoke about his experience both as a lawyer and a Judge. He said the current legal profession was lucrative compared to his days as a lawyer.


UAE: Investment Laws Applicable To Select Sectors Of The Economy, Official Says

An official of the Dubai Investment on Monday said the new investment laws were only applicable in some sectors of the economy. The new investment law enacted by the government had granted hundred percent ownership to companies operating in the country. The Dubai investment official clarified that the law won’t disrupt the peace and favorable atmosphere enjoyed by existing businesses.


India: What Measures Are In Place To Protect Bank Customers If A Bank Fail, Delhi HC Queries Centre

The Delhi High Court bench Justices Rajendra Menon and Justice V K Rao on Monday asked the Centre to explain to the public what insurance cover it has in place for bank customers with deposit over Rs. 1 lakh in the event a bank fails. The court asked the Centre after hearing a PIL instituted by Pardeep Kumar against the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation. Kumar in his PIL argued that it was wrong for the Corporation to provide Rs. 1 lakh to every bank customer regardless of the amount deposited. In his response, the lawyer representing the Corporation said the insurance cover was just an immediate relief.


India: Delhi HC Rejects Missing Student’s Plea On The Constitution Of Special Investigation Team

The Delhi High Court bench of Justices S Muralidhar and Vinod Goel on Monday rejected the plea of a missing JNU student by name Najeeb Ahmad to constitute a fresh investigative panel. The plea was filed by the student’s mother. According to the plea, their request was based on the fact that the CBI that was originally meant to investigate the case has been compromised. Recall that CBI had filed papers to close the case since the students have missing for over 2 years.


US: KY Victims Need More Protection, Activist Urges Government

A human right lawyer on Monday called on the Kentucky government to consider enacting laws that would be protecting victims of crimes. The activist stated that in a typical crime situation, the offenders were well protected, unlike the crime victims. The activist made the call when he appeared on a live TV show to discuss on the perceived imbalances in the justice system against a crime victim.


India: Wives Cannot Join Husband’s Relative In Domestic Violence Cases, Bombay HC Rules

The Bombay High Court bench of Justice Bharati H Dangre on Monday ruled that women should stop the practice of joining relatives of their husband when moving the court to intervene in domestic violence cases. The court made this remark after hearing a suit brought before it by a couple. The couple moved the court to set aside the suit instituted against them by their nephew’s wife.


India: Open Hookah Parlours In Maharashtra And Face Imprisonment, Maharashtra Government Declares

The Maharashtra government on Monday warned that anybody caught operating hookah bar and parlors within the state will face three years jail term and a fine totaling Rs. 1 lakh. The government gave the warning while issuing a notification to amend the law that outlawed the operation of hookah bar and parlors in the state. Hours after the notice was made public, the police swooped into action. They raided a bar and arrested four persons.


Canada: SC To Hear Sexual Assault Case This Week

The Supreme Court in Canada will this week hear a sexual assault case between an Ontario trucker, Bradley Barton and a deceased prostitute, Cindy Gladue. Barton was alleged to have killed Gladue and dumped her remains at the bathtub in a motel in June 2011. However, the trial court had acquitted him of the offense. Observers are of the view that the Supreme Court decision will make history in the country’s sexual harassment law.


UK: UK Foreign Office Remained Mute Despite Military Exercises On Cyberattack, Russian Envoy Say

The Russian Embassy on Monday alleged that the United Kingdom Foreign office deliberated remained mute despite media reports that the UK military was engaging in cyberattack war-gaming in a bid to black out Russia. On Sunday, there were media reports that senior military Chiefs in London were planning to get back at Russia in the event that Moscow attempt to invade Lybia. UK Spokesperson said the country doesn’t have the capability to carry out offensive cyberattack except in line with international laws.


Australia: High Court Set To Hear Suit On Abortion Clinic Picketing Ban

An Australian High Court will today determine whether or not it is lawful to picket abortion clinics. The suit was brought before the court by a Victorian woman by name Kathleen Clubb. Clubb was fined and convicted in 2016 for distributing pamphlet outside the East Melbourne clinic, which breached Victorian law. The East Melbourne clinic is one of the many clinics that anti-abortion protesters had picketed in recent times



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