Legal News Shots- Today's Best Picks From Around The World
Legal News Shots- Today's Best Picks From Around The World

India: Sexual Harassment: #MeToo Campaign Trends On Different Social Media Channels

India is now taking the lead in a campaign to curb sexual harassment by randy men. The #MeToo campaign has gone viral on various social media channels. Several big men in high positions have been named and shame on social media. So, what are the options available legally to women? A renowned lawyer, Karuna Nundy in an interview with pressmen said sexually harassed women can file a criminal and civil remedy case depending on the degree of the offense.  Lawyers are now willing to offer pro bono legal services to women that are sexual harassment by randy men.


India: AIIMS MBBS Students Engages Lawyers In A Scuffle, Cross FIRs Lodged

A group of medical students in AIIMS on October 2 engaged some lawyers in a scuffle at the hospital campus and cross FIRs have been lodged, according to a police report. The cause of the scuffle according to the police was that the lawyers had come to the campus’ premises to play basketball. The MBBS students in their complaints alleged that the lawyers forceful vacated them on their playground which led to the scuffle. Some of the lawyers were injured as they scampered for safety.


Taiwan: Taiwan To Seek Public Opinion Whether To Recognise Same-Sex Marriage

Two election officials on Tuesday gave the indication that the Taiwanese government will soon hold a public hearing to determine whether to recognize gay marriages in the country. The country’s Constitutional Court last year May had ruled that gay couples had the legal right to marry and ordered the government to enact a law in that regard within two years. In August, a human right group had recommended to the Central Election Commission that a vote should be conducted on the issue.



India: Sabarimala Review Plea: SC Turns Down Petition For Urgent Hearing

The Supreme Court bench led by the CJI Ranjan Gogoi and Justices KM Joseph and SK Kaul on Tuesday refused a plea to urgently hear a review of its verdict on Sabarimala temple in Kerala. The petition was brought before the court by Shylaja Vijayan, the National Ayyappa Devotees Association President. Vijayan had contended that the verdict was “irrational and untenable”, hence prayed the court for a stay of the verdict. Recall that the Supreme Court had last month ruled that women of all ages can offer prayers at the Temple.



India: Rafale Fighter Jet Deal: SC To Hear Petition Today

The Supreme Court bench of CJI Ranjan Gogoi, Justice KM Joseph, and Justice SK Kaul on Tuesday expressed readiness to hear the Rafale Fighter jet deal today. The suit was brought before the court by advocate Vineet Dhanda. Dhanda prayed the court to order the Centre to reveal the details of the contract awarded to Reliance by Dassault during the NDA and the UPA rule. The decision of the court today will be historic.


France: French Lawmakers Support Corporate Law Amendments And Privatization

French lawmakers on Tuesday voted massively in support of a bill which was in its first reading to amend corporate laws and privatize some state-owned enterprises. The bill was sent to the Assembly by the French president, Emmanual Macron with a view to reforming the ease of doing business in the country. If the bill scale through the Assembly, taxes on companies and individuals would be reduced.



India: Bombay HC Upholds 20 Years Imprisonment Term Of A Rapist Father

The Bombay High Court bench of Justice Anant Badar recently in one of its judgments upheld the prison sentence handed down to a man. The man was convicted and sentenced to 20 years Imprisonment. He had appealed the judgment before the court arguing that he was being implicated by his own daughter. Justice Anant Badar while delivering the court’s verdict asserted that family’s honor is sacrosanct in such case, hence dismissed the man’s appeal.


India: Bombay HC Tells Maharashtra Government To Carry Out Action On Illegal Slaughter Houses

The Bombay High Court bench led by  Justice S C Dharmadhikari on Tuesday ordered the Maharashtra government to carry out actions against operators of illegal slaughterhouses. The court added that the government should ensure that the Food Safety and Standards Act, as well as the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, were not breached. The court passed the order after hearing a PIL initiated by Ajay Marathe on the spread of illegal slaughterhouses in the city.


Australia: New Law Could Empower Religious Schools To Reject Gay Students And Teachers

Religious Schools in Australia could reject gay students and teachers following the amendments to the existing Sex Discrimination Act. Australian Federal Laws have recommended a sweeping change to the country’s anti-discrimination laws. An ex Attorney General, Philip Ruddock had chaired a review committee which recommended the amendments to the Sex Discrimination Act.


India: Madras HC Ordered Flower Shops To Vacate Flower Bazaar Within 48-hour

The Madras high court bench of Justice S M Subramaniam on Tuesday ordered over 100 shops operating in the Flower Bazaar to permanently vacate the premises within 48 hours. A group of vendors had moved the court seeking to reverse the order by CMDA asking them to stop doing business at the Flower Bazaar. Justice S M Subramaniam dismissed their suits and frowned at the practice of litigants perpetually disobeying rules in the face of pending litigation.


US: Immigration Lawyers Battle To Advice Clients On New Immigration Rules Proposed Under Trump Administration

Immigration lawyers in the United States are currently battling to advice their clients on what to do regarding the new Immigration rules being proposed by the Donald Trump administration. The US government had proposed to amend Immigration laws in order to reduce the number of immigrants that can apply and obtain green cards if they are enjoying government services. An immigration lawyer from Miami Springs, Liza Galindo on Tuesday said her office is usually inundated with phone calls from clients. She advised immigrants to remained calm that the rules may change before its implementation.


Canada: Richard Peck To Receive The 2018 Law Society Award

Richard C.C Peck has been selected by the Law Society of British Columbia Benchers to receive the 2018 Law Society award which would take place at the bench and bar dinner schedule to hold on the 7th of November, 2018. Tickets to attend the dinner are on sale, visit the website of the Canadian Bar Association, B.C. Branch. Peck is an Alumni of the UBC Law Faculty. He graduated from the Faculty in 1974 and in 1975 was called to bar. Peck would receive the award for his contribution to the Canadian legal system.


UK: Campaigners Call For Emergency Legal Aid For Bereaved Relatives

Human rights campaigners on Tuesday urged the government to consider providing emergency legal aid to families who need to attend inquest for losing their loved ones in custody. Last year, the Home Office had recommended a free legal representation for bereaved families whose loved ones died in state agencies like prison, police, and NHS. The campaigners urged the government to speed up the implementation of the Home Office’s recommendations.



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