Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks
Legal News Shots- Quick Shots Of The Day- World's Top Picks

India: Experts Lambast Indian Law Commission For Proposing Anti-Torture Draft Bill

Experts have chided the Law Commission of India over the latter’s recommendation of a draft bill on anti-torture. The experts condemned the action of the Commission during a conference which was held on the 26th and 27th of October, 2018. The conference was an initiative of the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative in alliance with the National Law University of Law, Delhi, People’s Watch, World Organisation against Torture, Quill Foundation, as well as the International Commission of Jurists. The experts jointly faulted the Law Commission’s proposal, saying it lacked the important requirements of a robust law.


India: Nowhere Shaikh In Police Net For Defrauding Investors Over Rs. 500 Crore Via Ponzi Schemes

There is this old adage that goes thus “every day is for the thief, one day is for the owner.” This is particularly the case with Nowhere Shaikh, 45, a single mom from a poor background. She successfully ran multi-state Ponzi schemes offering investors mouth watery returns on investment, ranging between 36% to 42%. She is currently cooling off at the detention facility of the Mumbai police. After all the hide and seek games, she played with security agencies, the long arm of the law caught up with her in Hyderabad. The Economic Offences Wing of the Mumbai police caught her on the 26th of October in a hideout.


Egypt: ‘Your License Fee Is Exorbitant, It Amount To Extortion “ Rights Group Tells Egyptian Government

An international rights group, Reporters Without Borders on Monday condemned the new law enacted by the Egyptian government. The group asserted that the new law amounted to extorting money from media organizations. According to the new law which took effect last month, online newspapers operating in the country are required to about $30,000 for registration and license. Any online newspaper that fails to comply with the new law would pay five times the registration fee.


India: LCI’s 275th Report Recommends The Application Of RTI Act on BCCI

The Law Commission of India (LCI) in its recent 275th report proposed that the RTI Act should be applicable to the BCCI. The report analyzed the legal status of the agency. According to the report as sighted by some journalists, the Commission asserted that the BCCI’s decisions or actions is capable of impacting players’, umpires’, and citizens’ rights in general. The LCI also added that the character and nature of the BCCI in terms of the functions are public. LCI concluded that the agency should be regarded as a public authority. BCCI is the sole regulator of the game of cricket in India.


India: #MeToo:  India Inc Seeks Ways To Respond To Sexual Allegations On Social Media

Since the #MeToo movement started, it has gained momentum. Currently, the movement has revealed so many skeletons in the cupboards of several companies. India Inc on Monday asserted that they have started seeking for ways to respond to these allegations once it surfaces on social media. According to the Managing Director of Rainmaker, Antony Alex, companies are strategizing on how best to respond immediately an employee is alleged of sexual harassment. Rainmaker is a Mumbai-based firm whose core business area is to advise companies on corporate governance.


Canada: B.C Residents Beg Court Of Appeal To Stop Their Extradition

Two residents of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, Malkit Kaur Sidhu and  Surjit Singh Badesha on Monday approached the court to stop their planned extradition to face murder charges in India. Their lawyers filed petitions before the B.C Court of Appeal. The duo was facing extradition for alleged murder in June 2000 which resulted in the death of a secondary school student by name Jaswinder Kaur Sidhu. The duo facing trial are relatives of the deceased student.


India: ‘The Recent Killings In Assam Tinsukia District Shows That The Chief Minister Has Failed In His Responsibility,’ Congress General Secretary Alleges

The Congress Secretary General, Harish Rawat on Monday alleged that the recent killings which claimed the life of five persons in the Assam Tinsukia district is a pointer to the fact that the Chief Minister, Sarbananda Sonowal has failed in his Responsibility of maintaining law and order. Rawat chided the state government for not acting despite the Congress’ warning signal. As of the time of going to press, “the Chief Minister has not assured us that such dastardly Act would not re-occur,” Rawat further asserted. Recall that five persons were gunned down in Tinsukia district last week by suspected members of ULFA.


India: Supreme Court Okays Separate High Court For Andhra Pradesh State

The Supreme Court bench presided over by Justices A K Sikri and Ashok Bhushan on Monday gave a green light that the state of Andhra Pradesh from next year will have a seperate High Court. The Supreme Court noted that the new High Court will operate from a temporary structure until a befitting permanent structure is constructed in Amaravati. Recall that since Andhra Pradesh was bifurcated in June 2014, it has been sharing a common High Court with Telangana.


Canada: Supreme Court Dismisses Net Neutrality Suit

The Supreme Court bench of Justices Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch on Monday dismissed a suit seeking to challenge the decision of the Court of Appeal which upheld the order of the FCC regarding the Net Neutrality Law. The suit was brought before the Supreme Court by Internet Service Providers. The ISPs had approached a High Court to quash the order issued by FCC in 2016. But their hope of getting judgment was dashed. They pursued the case until it got to the Supreme Court.


India: Supreme Court Dismisses Plea On The Implementation Of Two-Child Policy

The Supreme Court bench presided over by Justice Kurian Joseph on Monday dismissed a plea which sought the implementation of two-child policy in the country. The petition was filed through her lawyer by a social worker, Anupam Bajpai, who doubles as the National Coordinator of the Jeevan Bachao Andolan NGO. Bajpai contended in her petition that not implementing the policy will result to the population explosion. The court after hearing her application dismissed the same and asked her to approached the relevant government agency with her concern.


India: Hens Should Move Freely And Comfortably In Their Cages, Delhi HC Says

The Delhi High Court bench presided over by Justices Rajendra Menon and V K Rao on Monday said that hens should be able to move freely and comfortably in their cages, suggesting that they should be kept in bigger cages. The court directed the Secretary of the Ministry of Environment to immediately set up a committee that would draft guidelines on the transportation and breeding of poultry birds. The court also charged the Secretary to ensure that the Committee adopts the Law Commission’s recommendations.


US: NBC To Stop Airing Controversial Trump Campaign Advert

NBC Universal on Monday announced that it will henceforth stop the broadcast of President Donald Trump’s controversial campaign ad. The ad is usually aired on NBC’s Sunday Night Football broadcast. Immediately NBC started the broadcasting of the ad, it was greeted by public opprobrium. The company decided to pull down the advert. According to those in the Know, the ad attempted to link a convicted killer of a police officer to the American’s migrant caravan.


India: Bombay HC Stalls Mumbai University’s Attempt To Introduce Choice Based Credit System

The Bombay High Court in a recent ruling stalled the decision of the Mumbai University to introduce credit based system for academic session 2018-2019. The court further directed the University’s management to continue with the current 100 marks written paper system. Recall that a part-time lecturer of the school and a practicing lawyer had sue the school management for issuing a circular dated August 24 introducing the Choice Based Credit System.


Canada: Saskatchewan Introduces Law Aim At Preventing Domestic Violence

Saskatchewan on Monday made history in Canada by becoming the first province to enact law aim at preventing domestic violence. According to the Canadian Justice Minister, Don Morgan, the Interpersonal Violence Disclosure Protocol (Clare’s Law) Act will allow police to inform those that are at risks ahead of time using the “right to know” basis.



UK: Over 1,500 Lawyers Request For A Referendum On Brexit Exit

More than 1,500 lawyers on Monday called for a referendum on the exit of Brexit from the European Union. The lawyers made the call through a group known as ’Lawyers for a People’s Vote.’ The group was established last month. The group in a statement on Monday asserted that it has the support of solicitors, barristers, as well as those in academics.


Australia: Cyclists Call For Legislation That Would Allow Helmet To Be Worn Ditched

In a bid to encourage more people to get on the bike, cyclists under the platform of The Bicycle Network on Monday called on the government to as a matter of urgency enact laws that would allow riders to ride the bike without a helmet when they are not on major roads. But right activists have warned that if the law sees the light of the day, more injuries and death would be recorded.


Ireland: Abortion: Woman Challenges The Decision Of Public Prosecution Service

A woman who is currently standing trial for purchasing abortion drugs for her pregnant daughter on Monday challenged the decision of the Irish Public Prosecution Service in a Belfast Court. The Public Prosecution Service had sued the woman for breaching the provisions of Offences Against the Person Act, 1861. The woman will appear in court today to argue why the court should upturn the decision of the Public Prosecution Service.




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