Legal News Shots- Best Picks Of The Day- A Must To Know
Legal News Shots- Best Picks Of The Day- A Must To Know

INDIA- 2018 The Year of Landmark Judgments

The Supreme Court continued with its task of delivering progressive judgements and defending the constitution in the year 2018. Most of the biggest institutions, from the CBI to the RBI in the country faced credibility crisis. The Supreme Court continually did all it could to win the hearts of all petitioners and the general public through its verdicts. Some of the landmark judgments that were delivered in 2018 include; Sabarimala verdict, Aadhaar verdict, National anthem verdict, Section 377 verdict, Euthanasia verdict and Adultery verdict.


INDIA- The Legal Director Of Ola Resigns

The Legal director of Ola Chetan Chopra has resigned and joined United Breweries after working at the cab aggregator company.Chopra will be remembered for shaping the company`s legal structure and for ensuring that its operations comply with legal requirements. Ola, Chopra was at PepsiCo India working on matters to do with Food standards and safety. He also worked with J Sagar Associates and Amarchanad and Mangaldas and Suresh A Shroff.


INDIA- Interfering With Sharia Law Unacceptable

The national conference has faulted the BJP for fiddling with the Muslim Sharia law for electoral benefits. The process was being executed by the ruling BJP for poll benefits. The BJP government has been contemplating to create a bill criminalizing triple Talaq. The NC leader in a statement said that the PDP President has no chance to gloss over killings she led while being the Chief Minister.


USA- Obama Care Can Stand While Petition Is Heard; Says US Judge

Us Judge Reed O`Connor said that Obama care can stand while his decision is appealed. He said that his ruling should not take effect until the result of the appeal is heard which will take at least one year. The democrats view the law as an achievement of the former President Barrack Obama. The republicans on the other hand view it as a strategy made by Donald Trump which is part of his campaign platform.


INDIA- Son Of The Murdered Cop Demands Justice

The Son of the police officer murdered in Bulandshahr has demanded for justice after his father Inspector Subodh Kumar Signh was shot dead. The news reported that riots began after mob discovered cow carcasses that had been planted on a field in Mahav village. Police officers in a statement said that they are still `waiting` for the Prime accused leader Yogesh Raj and other Private Activists to `surrender. `


INDIA- TN Law Minister Wants Health Secretary Probed For Jayalalithaa`s Death

Tamil Nadu(TN) law minister CV Shanmugan has criticized health secretary J Radhakrishnan and former Chief secretary P Rama Mohana Rao for submitting wrong facts to the inquiry commission on J Jayalalithaa`s hospitalization. He further questioned the role of the health secretary during the hospitalization period which lasted for 75days.The health secretary also refused to take Jayalalitha abroad for treatment. The minister now demands State government to form an investigative team so as to probe the matter.


INDIA- Mergers And Acquisitions A Major Boost To Investment Banking In India

The overall investment banking deals in 2018 have improved greatly. Mergers and acquisitions contributed about two thirds to the overall investment banking deals in the country. Investment banking deals worth $110 billion were executed in 2018.This is according to a report given by Kotak Investment Bank. The report forecasts the investment banking pool to grow to $1 billion in the next three-four years.


INDIA- Call For Collective Leadership In The Supreme Court

Four senior Supreme Court judges presented their grievances before the media early this year. The four revealed fore differences simmering in India`s top Judiciary and set off scrutiny of the top court`s credibility. Justice J Chelameswar, Justice Ranjan Gogoi objected to the manner in which important cases were being allocated and called for collective leadership. He said that the Supreme Court was not in order and many things which were less than desirable had happened.


INDIA- The New IMC Bill Supersedes Medical Council of India-(MIC)

Lok Sabha passed the Indian Medical Council (IMC) bill to allow a panel of professionals to run medical council of India (MCI).The health minister Jagat Prakash Nadda who was piloting the bill said that the bill will supersede MCI and will help in regulating medical education in the best way possible. The minister emphasized implementation of the bill and cautioned that any attempt to reject the medical regulatory system will lead to tough consequences.


INDIA- Sabrimala- 620Km Women`s Wall To Be Constructed

The women from Kerala are expected to form a 620km women`s wall so as to uphold gender equality and renaissance values. The health minister K K Shyalaja will lead the chain at Kasargod. The wall will be formed from Kasargod in Northern Kerala to the southern district of Thiruvanthapuram. Women have been holding consultancy meetings at various levels right from ward level to district level and to the constituency. This has helped them prepare well for the proposed wall.


ITALY- All Visitors Who Enter Venice To Be Charged

A new law has been passed in Italy that taxes all the visitors who enter the historic site. Overnight travelers used to be charged alone but now the law is extending to all visitors. Mayor Luigi Brugnaro announced that the tax will be used to manage the city and to keep it clean. Every year an approximate of 25million people visit Venice with at least one-fifth spending a night in the historic center.


USA- The New #MeToo Law Of California To Go Into Effect From January 1

The new Californian #Me Too law to start functioning from January 1 2019 .The law signed by Governor Jerry Brown in September prohibits the use of an NDA (The Non-disclosure agreement) in matters involving harassment ,discrimination based on sex and sexual assault. The document has also been extended as a tool to prevent the employees from sharing trade secrets and will be used by the lawyers and companies to settle cases of sexual harassment and misconduct claims.


UK- New EU Rules On Fishing Threatens The UK Industry

The new EU rules on fishing could have a serious impact on the UK`s fishing industry. This was a statement produced by House of Lords committee just a day before the new policy was rolled out. Through the new policy, fishers must bring the full haul back to the shore. This will stop fish from being wasted. The UK industry bodies have termed this policy as `badly designed.` According to the house of Lords  EU Energy and Environment subcommittee, the interpretation of the policy means that fishermen reaching their targets much earlier in the year will have to stop fishing.


UK- Appeals Introduced On Investigatory Powers Tribunal

A new law created will from today henceforth allow appeals for judgments made by the investigatory Powers Tribunal. The rules were adjusted following a public consultation that was held in November 2017.The investigatory powers Tribunal provides a right to appeal for anyone who believes that they have been the victim of unlawful action by a public authority. It also focuses on the infringement of human rights which are brought against security.


AUSTRALIA- Australia Calls For Talks With China Over Detained Activists And Foreigners

China`s detention of activists and foreign citizens, has turned out to be distress in Australia. China aims at balancing diplomatic and trade ties with the secretive state. The new President of Australia has however written to Marise Payne asking the foreign minister to make diplomatic representations to China concerning human rights lawyer who was imprisoned in 2015.Both countries share a strong bond of commitment to the rule of law which is important for the functioning of democratic systems. Marise Payne in the letter is requested to speak up over China`s alleged transgressions.


AUSTRALIA- NSW Premier Accused Of Saying No To Pill Testing

Leader of the Reason Party Fiona Patten has fired up on a radio interview claiming that the NSW premier is `immoral` and has `blood on her hands. ` The leader slammed Gladys Berejiklian for contionously saying `no` to pill testing after a third festival drug death in many months in her state. He reiterated the fact that testing could have saved the lives of those people who died. Gladys has blood on her hands and her stand on pills is a clear indication that she is immoral.


GERMANY- Telefonica Germany files A Case Against Auction Rules For 5G Network

Telefonica Germany has filed a case against 5G auction rules that were set by The German Federal Network Agency. Telefonica spokesman said that the company needs legal clarity over a proposed law to provide local roaming. Telefonica Germany filed the case at the Cologne Administrative court before Christmas. The spokesman further said that network operators have to invest heavily in areas that would not be connected by frequencies given in the auction process. The network agencies also criticized the government proposal for roaming saying that it will be a hindrance to 5G network development.


INDIA- The High Court Of Madras Suggest Passport Surrender From Loan Defaulters

The Madras high court has given out a proposal for amendments to be made on the Passport rules. The amendments will enable the banks and financial institutions to demand for passport surrender from loan defaulters and prevent them from fleeing the country. Justice S Vaidyanathan made the suggestion in court while handling a similar case and said that the passport will be withheld till loan is cleared. The government is however expected to modify the rules on passport for easy monitoring.



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