Legal News Shots- Today's Most Trending Picks From Around The World
Legal News Shots- Today's Most Trending Picks From Around The World

INDIA- Law Commission Recommends Changes In The State`s Protection Of Cow Progeny Act 2007

Uttrakhand Law Commission has given out a recommendation for changes to be made in the State`s Protection of Cow Progeny act 2007 so as to declare the cow as the ‘mother of the nation.` The commission has however given out recommendations towards amending of 2007 act such as setting up veterinary centers and shelters for stray cows, penalizing cattle owners in case of cruelty to the animal and provision of toll –free numbers to report cruelty against cows.


INDIA-Government Mobilizes HCs And Law Secretaries Of States To Fill Up Vacancies In The Lower Courts

The government has been mobilizing the high courts and law secretaries of states through regular video conferencing on filling up of vacancies in the district and subordinate Judiciary. Reports indicate that 2.93 Crore cases are still pending in the lower Courts. The Department of Justice in the Union Law ministry has formed a web-portal on its website for reporting and monitoring of sanctioned and working strength.


UK-Man Involved In UK Attacks Remains Detained Under Mental Health Law

The man who stabbed three people at Manchester Victoria station during the new year`s eve, is being detained under the Mental Health Act after an assessment by medical experts. Police in a report said that the counter-terrorism investigation launched after the attack is still ongoing, including a search of property associated with the suspect.


INDIA-Government Takes Steps To Stop Misuse Of Gift Route To Import Goods

The government is considering steps to stop misuse of gift route including, removal of duty exemptions on such gifts. This step comes in to curb misuses of gift route to import goods. According to a report given, some Chinese app-based and e-commerce players have been misusing a rule in the foreign trade law of India whereby products worth Rs 5,000 are permitted as a gift and exempted from customs duties.


INDIA-CIC Releases A Record Of 12.3 lakh RTI Applications Filed In 2017-2018

The central information commission (CIC) data has released a record of 12.3lakh RTI applications that were filed in 2017-2018 with 96percent of them being responded by the government offices. This is the highest record ever since the law was enacted in 2005. The home ministry rejected 8,784 applications which is 15per cent of the total 57,951 RTI applications received.


INDIA-Law Ministry Says That It Has No Plan To Increase Retirement Age For Judges

The law ministry has denied plans to increase the retirement age of Supreme Court judges from 65 to 67 and of high court judges from 62 to 65, after concerns of a large number of vacancies of judges in the High Courts.T his was in response to a recommendation of a parliamentary standing committee that raising the retirement age of judges would help retain the existing judges which will later help in reducing vacancy and pendency of cases.


INDIA-Sports Betting Regulations To Be A major deal in weeding criminals; Says Tharoor

The draft bill that had been prepared earlier on in 2013 to deal with sports fraud is yet to be implemented. This is a suggestion given by Congress MP Shashi Tharoor. Regulating sports betting will help weed out criminal elements involved in the generation of black money. The oversight through online Sports Gaming commission will also help track suspicious betting patterns and will benefit the government through income generation.


INDIA- Banks need to be keen on NPA

Banks have had their NPA ratios rise to 14.6 percent due to NPA(Non-Performing Asset) recognition in 2018. Banks recovered stressed assets through various methods such as Insolvency and Bankruptcy code and amendments in the Securitization and the SARFAESI Act to recover bad loans from defaulters. However, during the first half of FY19, the loses of PSBs increased to over Rs 30,000 crore from Rs 4500.


INDIA-Supreme Court set to give a ruling on  the case Of government and NCDRC

The Supreme Court has revived government case in National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (CDRC) against Nestle India. The petition presented before the court is seeking damages of Rs 640 Crore alleging unfair trade practices, false labeling and misleading advertisements. The high court had earlier on suspended the case and asked the Central Food Technological Research Institute to place its test report which indicated that lead content was well within the limits.


INDIA- The Supreme Court makes the clarification on Rafale Deal 

The Supreme Court has clarified every issue raised by the Congress on the Rafale deal. The external affairs minister said that there is no more controversy in the issue except in the minds of opposition party leaders. Congress members, however, staged a walkout after the verdict was made and demanded that the government make public the minutes of the meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former French President Francois Hollande that was held last year on Rafale deal.


INDIA-Supreme Court Says That Chaining Of Mentally Ill People Is Against The Rights

A bench comprising of Justices A K Sikkri and S Abdul Nazeer has said that chaining people with mental illness is violation of their rights under article 21 of the constitution. The court made the observations while hearing a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by advocate Gaurav Kumar Bansal who had said that people with mental illness were chained in the faith-based mental asylum in violations of provisions of the Mental Health Care Act 2017.


INDIA- HC Summons Union Health Secretary To Explain On Rare Disease Policy

Delhi High Court has summoned the union health secretary for an explanation on a policy to treat rare diseases. The court noted that the `somersault` does not reflect well on the decision making process in the ministry as it can prove to be costly.The ministry, however, said that it was difficult for the National Health Mission to support the treatment for rare diseases as the same falls under the tertiary sector and the mandate is only for primary and secondary care.


INDIA-HC Wants To Know Progress On Missing Children

The HC has given out a directive to the police to apprise it of the steps taken to trace missing children. In the statement, the high court seeks to know if the police follow any standard operating process (SOPs) to locate where these children are and to re-unite them with their families .SOPs are steps that are usually taken by the police after recovery of missing children including their identification and rehabilitation.


INDIA-Bombay HC Has Directed The Ministry Of Home Affairs To Decide On The Citizenship Of Pakistani Man Living In Mumbai

Bombay High Court has ordered the Central Government and the ministry of external affairs to make a decision within three months on the application of Jogeshwari resident Asif Karadia born in Pakistan but has been living in the city since he was three months old. The order was given after state informed the court that the central authorities were asking the petitioner to produce his foreign passport which he didn’t have. The external affairs ministries were given three months to take a suitable decision.


INDIA- Bombay HC To Make Final Decision On Traditional Songs Copyright

The Bombay HC has said that it will investigate if the reproduction of old traditional songs amounts to copyright violation and is liable for criminal investigation. A bench of justices B P Dharmadhikari and Revati Mohite-Dere admitted a petition filed by lyricist and songwriter Pramod Surya and two publishers Pukhraj Surya and Hiten Patel, seeking to quash an FIR lodged against them for copyright violation. The bench directed the police not to file its charge sheet in the case against the lyricist and the publishers.


INDIA-Madras HC Summons Police On Viewing Spas As Brothels

Madras High Court has said that police must get out of the mindset of depicting massage centers and Spas as brothels.T he HC observed this while quashing FIRs registered against their owners. Justice Anand Venkatesh allowed a batch of petitions and criminal original pleas from various spa and massage centers seeking the release of girls (who are therapists) lodged in the government homes. The judge also called for immediate release of staff member’s. Police officers should, therefore, conduct investigation in a more professional manner in accordance with the provisions of the act.


USA-Oregon Legalizes Road-kill Meat

A new law that has been passed in Oregon that allows drivers to turn road-kill meat it into food. The People For Ethical Treatment of Animals said that eating road-kill meat is healthier for the consumer than the meat laden with antibiotics, hormones, and growth stimulants, as most meat is today. The key rules governing this include; participation at one`s own risk, removal of the carcass from the road, salvaging the meat only for consumption and the prohibition of the sale of such meats. The state shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising.


USA-US Federal Government To Remain Shut Until USD 5.6 Billion Is Obtained For Mexico Border

President Donald Trump seeks to obtain USD 5.6 billion in funding for border wall with Mexico. Donald Trump is holding onto the government shutdown and is not willing to end it until his demand is given. The white house is trying to convince Democrats that funding on the wall on the border of Mexico is a matter of national security. Congressional leaders are expected to resume discussions on the white house before the weekend.


USA-Bipartisan Teach About America Project To Strengthen Rule Of Law

President Trump`s evident disdain for the rule of law cries out for a teachable moment. There is a need to make fundamental constitutional principles great again. The future of democracy depends largely on the majority of the population valuing it. Congress could establish a new American Endowment for Democracy. It’s an initiative to foster the infrastructure of democracy. A new Teach about America project must be scrupulously bipartisan in management and non-partisan in the mission. The new American version should teach democracy at home as well as abroad.


CANADA-OSPCA Enforcement Powers Are Against The Constitution; Judge Says

Judge rules that sections of the Ontario`s SPCA law violate the Canadian Charter Of Rights and Freedoms. The enforcement powers held by the Province`s animal welfare agency are unconstitutional and hence the government has been given 12months to rewrite laws to remedy the situation. Ontario Superior Court Justice Timothy Minnema ruled the provincial government was wrong to grant the police powers to the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(OSPCA) without imposing reasonable standards of transparency and accountability and called it a breach of Bogaerts`s Charter rights.


CANADA-Amendments To Industrial Design Law Raises The Competitiveness Of Canada With Other Countries

Major legislation and regulations have been enforced in Canada which will enable them to obtain industrial design registrations in more 65 countries with a single international application. The amendments made to the federal industrial Design Act also codifies a new standard that provides more time to file protection in Canada and has made it more easier for industrial design owners to file an application. Experts say that the new regime may be part of the federal government`s new intellectual property (IP) strategy.


UK-Farmers Urge The Government To Form New Law Guaranteeing Food Standards

The national Farmers Union has called for a new law to guarantee food standards. This happens after the UK leaves the European Union. Environment secretary Michael Gove said that standards should not be `bartered away` with interest of short-term trade gains. The government’s proposals for agriculture after Brexit are contained in a new Agriculture Bill being debated in the parliament. Environmental campaigners also said that it should include plans to ensure minimum standards to protect soil, water, wildlife and animal welfare.


AUSTRALIA- Australian Citizenship Law To Be Amended Soon

The Australian government is in the process of introducing changes to the Australian Citizenship law. In the proposed law, the government wants migrants to prove competent English Proficiency by securing at least 6 bands on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). The government also seeks to increase the period of stay as a permanent resident to minimum four years regardless of the time spent in Australia before acquiring permanent residency.


GERMANY-Volkswagen Cheated On Customers By Manipulating 11Million Diesel Vehicles. German Drivers Now Want Action Taken

VW admitted in 2015 to manipulating 11 million diesel vehicles to appear less polluting under test conditions than in the real driving. On November a new form of collective legal action entered into force after it was voted through by MPs .In the first major consumer case against VW related to its sprawling history of diesel cheating, claimants want to establish that the firm deliberately harmed customers by installing the cheating software in their vehicles and that it owes them compensation.


ISRAEL-Esther Hayut, The Supreme Court President Opposes States Position On Surrogacy Law

The Supreme Court President Esther Hayut has criticized the state`s position on Surrogacy law for gay and said that solutions that applies to women should also apply to men respectively. Esther opposed the state position which said that Surrogacy should be legalized only for women who cannot have children. She termed the law as blatantly unconstitutional.






























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