Legal News: Donald Trump attacks First lady Michelle Obama ahead of the presidential election 2016

Donald Trump attacks First lady Michelle Obama ahead of the presidential election 2016

Donald Trump, US Republican presidential candidate strikes First Lady Michelle Obama by accusing her for doing campaigns for his rival.

Michelle has also been accused of attacking Hillary Clinton in 2007 by referring to a line she had said about fitness to run the White House which was further denied by the Obama campaign.

In the meanwhile, Hillary Clinton accused Mr Trump that he would be threatening democracy  if he did not accept the election result.

Hillary Clinton assured the crowd in Cleveland that, “We clearly understand the difference between leadership and dictatorship and also the peaceful transition of power”.

At the rally of Mr Trump in North Carolina, he questioned about the likeness of Hillary by Michelle Obama by stating that she (Michelle Obama) was the one who started with the statement, “When you cannot take care of your home, how can you take care of the White House or the country”?

The same comment was also referred to by a New York businessman which Mrs Obama made in 2007 while campaigning for her husband.

Some critics also questioned about the comment, “Had the comment been aimed at Mrs Hillary’s relationship with her husband, former President Bill Clinton”, which was later on denied by the Obama campaign. While continuing the speech in 2007, Michelle Obama said that we have adjusted our schedules accordingly so that our girls comes first. She said, “When Obama is travelling around, I do day trips”.

Alfred E Smith Memorial Foundation charity dinner is an event which takes place during election years, is an opportunity for presidential candidates to crack jokes on one another. Mr Trump came back on the campaign trail a day after he appeared together with Mrs Clinton at this event.






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