Legal News Shots- Top Shots Of The Day-National And International
Legal News Shots- Top Shots Of The Day-National And International

INDIA-SC Reserves Judgment On A Petition Challenging Appointment Procedure

A petitioner used the RTI act as an advantage to filing a complaint against the nature of appointment procedure, leading to the reservation of judgment by the Supreme Court. The petitioner claimed that the system was favoring candidates with administration background. Justice Sikri claimed that the petitioner was questioning the nature of the appointment process and not the appointed candidates. The counsel representing the petitioner submitted status of vacancies in the information department to the commission which later proved that out of eight vacancies, only four were selected. Four weeks have been given to the counsel to file a status report.

INDIA- Results Of Delhi High Court Personal Assistant Exam Out

The Delhi High Court has officially announced the results of written examination aimed towards recruiting Delhi’s High court PA, which was held on 23rd December 2018. Students who sat for the exam can get access to their results by visiting the court’s official website,

INDIA-173 Booked For Violating Cigarette And Other Products Act (COTPA)

173 people have recently been booked by a police team from Pune, headed by police Commissioner Shirish Sardeshpande. They were accused of selling tobacco-related products from their stands and shops to students. The operation covered a total of 24 jurisdictions.

EUROPE-Property Regimes For International Couples In Europe

The EU is clarifying the rules that apply to property regimes for international marriages or partnerships that are to apply as of 29th January 2019. The regulations are aimed at bringing legal clarity for international couples. First Vice President Timmermans confirmed that the rules were good news to the growing number of international couples in Europe. The rules are expected to affect 18 countries.

INDIA-Creditors Expected To Turn Down $7.5 For Debt-Stricken Essar Steele

According to India’s Bankruptcy law court, creditors could turn down $7.5 billion offered to Essar Steele company to liberate it from debt burden. The National Company Tribunal confirmed that it wouldn’t be illegal for banks to reject the offer since the settlement proposal was not appealing. The bid for Essar Steele has been a hell-walk since the company was declared bankrupt. However, a whooping sum of 543.4 billion rupees is expected to be given to creditors to settle the debts.

SAUDI ARABIA-Counterterrorism Law Comes Into Effect

Legislation to revolutionize security in Saudi Arabia has officially been published by The Saudi Press Release. Dimah Al Sharif, a legislation consultant confirmed the printing of 26-article legislation that would help the kingdom to fight terrorism. A report published by Financial Action Task Force (FATF) commended Saudi Arabia for the changes they were making to fight terrorism. Recently, the USA also commended the kingdom for all the efforts they were putting into action to find a long lasting solution to the problem that has been troubling them for the past decades.

INDIA-Supreme Court Takes Up Petitions Against Compulsory Singing Of Prayers At Kendriya Vidyalaya

Two petitioners Veenayak Shah and a Madhya Pradesh-based advocate filed petitions that challenged mandatory of Hindu prayers in the country’s 1200 Vidyalayas. The petitioners claim that atheist and non-Hindus were being denied of their right to freedom of worship. The petitioners slammed article 92 of the constitution, the “Kendriya Vidyalayas”, “revised education code”, which called for punishment for non-compliants. Jamiat’s petition criticized the rule that went against article 25 and 28 (freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion). The rule calls for lambasting on failure to recite the prayer.

UAE-What To Do If Your Boss Is Salacious

In a question and answer session, author Ashish Mehta helps workers in the UAR to deal with managers using foul words when checking their work progress. He says that in such occurrence, one should write a letter to the manager and tag the ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization. In case the employer does not reply to the letter, then you should reach out to the ministry which will, in turn, mediate the conflict. He went on to urge people to know the rules.

INDIA- Delhi High Court Upholds Provisions Relating To Tax On Dividend Above 10 Lakhs

A petitioner approached the High Court challenging the provisions of Sections 10(34) and 115BBDA of the Income Tax Act leading to the upholding of the constitutional validity of  provisions of Sections 10(34) and 115BBDA of the Income Tax Act. The petitioner claimed that the provision was haphazard therefore challenging them on two grounds. One was biasness and the other was that the provision excludes from its ambit any domestic company. The bench finally concluded that the petition was based on the misconception of the act.

INDIA- Supreme Court restrains other courts from hearing Delhi’s sealing cases

The supreme court has ordered a restricting order to prevent other courts from hearing matters cropping up due to the sealing exercise in the capital. Directions were issued by Justices Arun Misra and Deepak Gupta after it was pointed out that two High Court judges had recently passed orders in relation to sealing premises in Mehrauli, south Delhi. The two judges said that they were not impressed with how the Delhi High Court passed the orders.

INDIA-Madras High Court Denied Plea To Dismiss Charges Based On A Kodanad Estate robbery 

The Madras HC has dismissed a request by petitioners to withdraw plea in relation to Kodanad estate robbery case which led to the murder of CMJ Jayalalitha’s security guard. According to the petitioners, they had appeared in front of the court on twenty occasions hence dimming more appearance unnecessary. It was alleged that Jayalalithaa’s former driver C Kanagaraj and Sayan had plotted the crime. Ten more people have been arrested in relation to the case.

CANADA- EU-Trade Deal Gets Green Light From Legal Adviser

A renown advisor to the European Union highest court confirmed that a debatable element on dispute settlement in the free trade agreement with Canada Complied with the law. The request for a court ruling was as a result of a small region of Wallonia, population 3.6 million, long threatened to hold up the overall trade agreement between over 500 million Europeans and 35 million Canadians. They backed on the deal and asked for a favor, which saw to it that the EU court was going to check the legality of dispute settlement between multinationals and governments. The Canadian-EU trade deal, called CETA, provisionally entered into force last, year and is proving to be very advantageous

INDIA-The AAP Claims To File Assets Saying That No Law Forbade It

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) confirmed that its ALAs had filed assets to the election commission in 2013 and 2015, claiming that no law was against it. The party went on to claim that there was no law whatsoever which stated that there was a need to file its assets to the Lokayukta. On the other hand, BJP MLA and Leader of Opposition Vijender Gupta has strongly criticized the AAP MLAs for flouting the notice of Lokayukta saying that it was constitutional fraud.

USA-New Law Expected To Allow People To Kill Sea Lions In Some States

A law that authorizes the killing of sea lions is expected to be implemented soon. The law was introduced as a control measure to stop the animals from devouring the endangered salmon and steelhead populations. The law which was signed by Trump has already offered authorities in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho to kill the sea lions. The National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) claimed that one should hold a permit to kill the sea lions.


INDIA- SC Reverses a Progressive Madras High Court Judgment for Life Convicts

The Supreme Court has reversed the judgement of Madras High Court directing the state government in 2016 to consider eligibility for premature release of convicts regardless of other offences as long as they had completed the minimum sentence of 14 years. The judgment which was reached upon by a bench of Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi and Justices L. Nageswara Rao and Sanjiv Khanna has led to heated arguments and complications as to who gets the government’s benefit of the doubt and who doesn’t.

AUSTRALIA- Lawyers flag fears about citizenship laws

Australian lawyers have shown concern for low level criminals and people participating in religion festivals who may suffer serious consequences as a result of terrorist-aimed citizenship law. The law council of Australia fears that this move could leave people stateless. The Law Council’s David Neal is yet to urge work into urging federal lawmakers to keep the six-year threshold in place. Dr. Neal is concerned that the new bill will be very disadvantageous to the citizen for several parts of it seem to press the citizen.

INDIA-Madras High Court Dismiss Request Of Swapping Judges In Relation To Ayanavaram child rape case

A request by 14 out of 17 people accused in the Ayanavaram child rape case
has been brushed off by the Madura High Court. The 14 out of 17 went to the High court claiming that Mahila court judge was conducting the case as media trial, lack of fair hearing among other allegations. The case is about the rape of an 11-year-old in Chennai’s Ayanavaram locality. It is alleged that the 17 men had been raping the girl for many months. The story came to light when the victim of the act confided in her sister which lead to the arrest of the men.

USA- Passing Bar Exams To Become Lawyer Has Proven To Be “Rocket Science”

According to testimony by Sam Goldstein, who is a law school graduate, passing a bar exam which is a requirement to become attorney general in many states has proven to be “rocket science”. Statistics from American Bar Association, the law schools include almost 7% of U.S law school students. Goldstein’s experience highlights the difficulties that law school graduates face when they struggle to make ends meet as far as the bar is concerned. However, there is a controversy that the accrediting body has poorly selected low-achieving students who fail to pass the bar.

INDIA- Government Teachers Aren’t “Labourers” To Agitate On Roads, Says Madras High Court 

Being in a noble profession, the Madras High Court said that teachers, who were on an indefinite strike along with other employees were not expected to display unexpected behavior. Justice N Kirubakaran asked the teachers to give up the agitation at least until the exams were over. The judge also commented that the state should find a solution to the longstanding problem involving the teachers.

U.S.A- New York Passes Most Black-hearted Abortion Law in History

On a discussion in a broadcast, Jay Sekulow said that the new law signed by the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo which legalized abortion all the way up to the moment of birth and removal of any criminal allegations under the New York law for unborn babies was the most barbaric abortion law ever passed. The law does not only allow abortion but also lets anyone do the abortion which is a very risky practice. Jay Sekulow said that they were not going to leave any stone unturned towards fighting against this horrible law.



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