Legal News Shots- Today's Best Picks From Around The World
Legal News Shots- Today's Best Picks From Around The World

INDIA-Enrolment celebrations to be kept in check if lawyers want to continue the practice in TN

The bar council of Tamil Nadu has passed an order that seeks to outlaw the enrolment of lawyers for up to six months who are found setting up hoardings or banners, playing drums, bursting crackers, etc. This comes close on the heels of the council imposing fines on 11 lawyers after they violated the rule by placing huge banners all over the high court.

INDIA- Biases At Workplace Reported In India

A survey conducted showed that men and women engineers working in India face high levels of bias at the workplace. Women engineers face gender bias while men on the other side face bias on language and region they come from. About three-quarters of the engineers reported bias in assignments, promotions, sponsorships opportunities and compensation while the remaining two thirds of engineers face bias in their performance evaluations.

INDIA-Mayors And Governors Reject The Implementation of Asylum Law

The ranks of Prominent Citizens opposed to a new law cracking down on asylum-seekers with more governors announced Court challenges to the populist government`s measure. The law tightens criteria for migrants receiving humanitarian protection, granting that status only to victims of labor exploitation, human trafficking, domestic violence and natural calamities. The new law bans asylum-seekers from gaining residency.

INDIA-Government Introduces Amendments To POSCO Bill

The government has introduced amendments to the Protection of Children from Sexual Offence Act (POCSO). The Bill seeks to protect children from offences of sexual assault, sexual harassment and pornography and provide for establishment of special Courts for trial of such offenses. It also provides tough punishments for other crimes against those below 18years.The proposed act is gender neutral and regards the best interests’ welfare of the child.

INDIA-Citizenship Bill Approved In The Lower House India

The lower house of the Parliament in India has passed a bill that would grant residency and citizenship rights to non-Muslims who may have entered India illegally and were fleeing persecution in their former countries. The bill will provide an exemption to non-Muslims who migrated illegally from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Several people from the Populous Northeast protested against the legislation.

INDIA-Assets Worth Rs 6,000 Revealed Under Foreign Black Money Law

Undisclosed Assets which sums up to Rs 6,000 Crore have been detected under the foreign black money law which was enacted by the government. Under the Act, a one-time compliance opportunity for a limited period was provided to those persons who have any foreign assets which have not been disclosed for the purposes of income-tax.

INDIA- Investigation Reveals Pornography In Whatsapp Groups

An investigation of public whatsapp groups by Israeli online safety startup Anti Toxin Technologies in December has revealed that hundreds of whatsapp users in India globally spread child pornography openly, cloaked by the service`s end-to-end encryption. Third-party apps were used to do an investigation through the invite link feature. Most of the Indian Users were among participants in the groups. India’s` international access code which is +91 was quite popular in the groups.

INDIA-Supreme Court Allows Agri-Business Giant Monsanto To Proceed

The Supreme Court has allowed the agri-business giant Monsanto to claim patent on its genetically modified (GM) Cotton seeds. Delhi high court had initially ruled  that Monsanto`s patent over Bt cotton seeds were invalid claiming that some items such as seeds, animals, and plants cannot be patented under Indian laws. The Supreme Court judgment came as a relief for the agri-business company.

INDIA-Goa Mining Industry Hopes On An Amendment To Restore Operations

Goa mining industry has been waiting for law in parliament to lift Supreme Court ban which had directed the shutting down claiming that the renewals of 88 mining leases by the state government in 2015 were illegal. A group of around 300mining dependents on Monday confronted Goa public work department minister Sudin Dhavalikar over the continued impasse. Dhavalikar in turn, promised them that he would secure an audience with the Prime Minister before January 16.

INDIA-Supreme Court Orders Arrest Of People Found Perpetuating The Scrapped IT Law

The Supreme Court had earlier on scrapped Section 66 A of the Information Technology Act but people are still being prosecuted. It however warned that the officials perpetrating this will be sent to jail for violating its orders. As per the data collected, more than 22 prosecutions have taken place till now after the provisions were struck down.

EUROPE- Mortier Seeks Justice In The Human Rights Court On His Mothers` Euthanasia Case

Europe`s top human rights court set to hear a case  being brought against Belgium by a man seeking justice after his mother was euthanized in 2012 for depression. The lawyers for Tom Mortier brought the case before the European Court after the Belgian authorities refused to follow it. The Court will now consider whether Belgium violated two parts of the European Convention on Human Rights in euthanizing Mortier`s mother.

INDIA-Kalekhar Commission Submitted its Report But The Government Rejected

The government failed to accept a report wherein 2,399 castes were socially and educationally backward on the basis of criteria evolved by it. As per the commission, the key factors to consider while classifying backward classes would be their traditional occupation and profession; percentage of literacy; estimated population of the community and distribution of communities of state. The first Backward Class was formed in 1953 to investigate conditions of socially and educationally backward classes.

INDIA-SC Warns Of Tough Measures Over The Scrapped Section 66A

The Supreme Court has issued a warning to anyone involved in the arrests made under section 66A of the Information Technology Act which had been scrapped in 2015.The scrapped section dealt with offensive online posts. The bench of justices sought a response from the center in four weeks and assured `strict action` against the officials responsible for the arrests. Such officers are liable to be jailed for contempt of Court`s order.

INDIA-Petition to remove Arvind Kejriwal as CM dismissed

Following the fact that Arvind Kerjriwal is under prosecution in a criminal case, a plea seeking his removal from the position of CM was dismissed recently by the Delhi HC. As the case against the CM is still ongoing and since prosecution is pending, the Delhi HC has decided to dismiss the petition. The CM was named as accused in the assault of the Ex Delhi Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash.

INDIA-Police seeking guidance from Bombay HC on helmet rule exceptions

As the heat rises on helmetless riders, cops are in a fix over accepting exceptions to the mandatory helmet rule. People suffering from medical issues such as cervical spondylosis, head surgeries or skull surgeries find it difficult to comply with the helmet rule and are hoping that cops accept the medical certificate. The police are seeking guidance from the Bombay High Court after studying the case more.

INDIA- PIL against the TN government providing 1000rs Pongal gift to ration card holders

The Tamil Nadu government has announced plans of providing 1000Rs Pongal gift cards for all ration card holders irrespective of their economic status. Though the move was welcomed by many, there is also stiff opposition citing claims about the financial status of the city and the increasing loan liabilities. The litigation is likely to be considered for hearing by the Madras High Court.

INDIA-Gujarat High Court In Shortage Of Judges To Fill In Vacant Positions

Gujarat high court is in shortage of judges. The High court has a sanctioned strength of 52judges out of which 27 are present which means a judicial vacancy of 48percent.Several cases cannot be handled at once but rather takes time. The administration has been trying to bring down the backlog of cases. More so, four high court judges are going on retire in 2019.

USA-US Plan To Protect Israel From Boycott Faces Opposition

The US Senate had passed a bill that aimed at protecting Israel from boycott but similar state-level laws are facing opposition. The US plans to enhance foreign policy measures with the objective of strengthening military cooperation between US and Jordan, reiterating opposition to Syrian leader, appropriating foreign aid money for Israel and giving state and local government the authority to refuse to do business with firms that boycott Israel.

USAFirst patient to use the vaccine ERC1671 under Right to Try Law

In a first, ERC1671, a promising vaccine still under research will be used for a patient suffering from recurrent glioblastoma under the Right to Try Law. However, the compound must have cleared basic safety testing and must be in the list of ongoing approvals by the US Food and Drug Administration. As other cures for Glioblastoma are mostly unsuccessful, treatment with experimental drugs gives the patients a fighting chance.

CANADA-Supreme Court Ruling Gives Federal Government More Time To Correct Confinement Law

The British Columbia Court of Appeal has given the federal government more time to fix its solitary confinement law after a lower court declared the law unconstitutional last year. The extended time will also enable the government to protect prisoners` constitutional rights in the meantime. The conditions needed include; that healthcare professionals must complete, daily visual observations of inmates in solitary confinement and advice the institutional head within 24hours.


UK- Single Parents Have A Reason To Smile As Surrogacy Law Becomes Inclusive

The Human Fertilization and Embryology Act has finally been approved enabling a sole applicant to apply for a parental order, which transfers legal parenthood after a surrogacy arrangement. The law change means that single mothers and fathers who have children through surrogacy will no longer be discriminated against, and will have the same rights as couples to obtain birth certificates, secure legal parenthood, British nationality for their children and employment rights after their child is born.

UK- Government To Give Authority To Police To Tackle Drone Misuse And Abuse

The government is coming up with plans that will enable police officers to tackle drones misuse and abuse. Police officers will be given power to land drones and require users to produce the proper documentation. The will be able to search premises and seize drones-including electronic data stored within the device-where a serious offence has been committed. The Home Office will also begin to test and evaluate the safe use of a range of counter-drone technology.

USA- Anti-BDS Bill faces Challenge In The US Congress

The American –Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee and American civil liberties organizations are leading a campaign to block a bill in the US Congress which is aimed at fighting boycott of Israel. Republican senators are the ones who proposed the bill. According to ADC,S.B.I shields Israel for its ongoing human rights violations against the Palestinian people and calls to punish those that engage in boycotting Israel for violating International law and human rights.

BRAZIL – Relief from exams for Jewish students on Shabbat and other holidays

According to a new law in Brazil, Jewish and Non-Jewish students are excused from school and exams on account of religious reasons. However, the absence must be requested in advance and the missed activity must be rescheduled to an alternate date to avoid any impacts. This is accepted as a welcome move by the Jewish community and other religious groups having similar issues.











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