Six IIMs Said To Have Expressed  Concern On New Law Granting Autonomy
Six IIMs Said To Have Expressed  Concern On New Law Granting Autonomy

The premier Indian Institute of Managements are said to have differing positions on draft rules under the new Act according to sources.

Nearly 20 top B-schools have expressed their opinions on the new law,  and of them, six are concerned about relinquishing of government control and about its impact over  the accountability of the leadership of the institute.

A Directors’ meeting was called by IIM-Bangalore on January 22, in which heads of the six IIMs highlighted their concerns while giving inputs for drafting rules.

New Law Grants More Autonomy

The Indian Institutes of Management Bill, 2017 has been approved by President Ram Nath Kovind which was passed in the Lok Sabha in July, 2017 and by Rajya Sabha on December 19 .

Under the new law, IIMs will have far more autonomy in their functioning with government’s role getting restricted significantly. They will also have power to award degrees rather diplomas to their graduates.

The new IIM Act calls for  the appointment for an institute Director, to act as Chief Executive Officer, who will be selected by the institute’s Board of Governors (BoG) . The selection will be made from shortlisted names that have been recommended by the search-cum-selection committee (ScSc) also set up by the BoG.

The Director was earlier appointed by the Board with  the approval of the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) headed by the Prime Minister.

However almost half of the 13 newly set up  IIMs, feel that the ACC must continue to remain involved to ensure accountability.



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