Slaughtering Animals in Streets a Sin says Egypt’s Top Religious Institution
Slaughtering Animals in Streets a Sin says Egypt’s Top Religious Institution


The religious institution “Dar Al Ifta”, affiliated to Egypt’s Al-Azhar, had released a statement in the recent past clarifying that it is a sin to slaughter animals on the streets in the name of Islam.




Eid-Al-Adha, the Muslims’ second annual feast, will have millions of Muslims in Egypt and around the world participating in the traditional practice named “Qurbani” or the slaughtering of a sheep, goat or a cow. This “sacrifice” is done seeking God’s pleasure, and reward.


  • The original Islamic law had placed a lot of regulations on this ritual to make sure the animals are killed in as humane a way as possible.
  • But only a few abide by it while the larger population slaughters them brutally and humiliatingly in the streets.
Slaughtering Animals on streets
Slaughtering Animals on streets

Islamic law:


This annual ritual is now drawing domestic and international flak.

  • The Egyptian Ministry of Endowment in its recent statement clarified that such slaughtering is illegal and a violation of Islamic law.
  • Simultaneously, Magdy Maalk, member of the agriculture committee of Parliament, urged the state to monitor the streets on the day of the feast.


Egyptian law:


Egyptian law has codes that bar its citizens from such slaughtering in the streets or even selling meat that doesn’t carry the state’s stamp. A violation could result in the animal being confiscated and/or probable imprisonment of the culprit.


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