Supreme Court To Allow Junior Lawyers To Mention Urgent Cases
Supreme Court To Allow Junior Lawyers To Mention Urgent Cases

On the first day of Supreme Court proceedings after the winter vacation, Chief Justice Dipak Misra has announced a rule change under which young lawyers will be allowed to appear in his court to request urgent hearing of cases.

The practice had been stopped last September after the top judge banned senior advocates from jumping the queue.

At that time, the Chief Justice had ruled that only ‘Advocates on Record’ would have the right to queue up every morning when his court assembles in order to list the urgent cases for out of turn hearing. The intention was to ensure  senior advocates do not take up all the time provided by the court to listen to requests for urgent hearings.

But this practice had resulted in the junior advocates be left out, who are not yet eligible to appear for the court exam that earns them the privilege of being an Advocate on Record.


Young Lawyers Must “Also Learn” How to Mention


A lawyer is required to have a minimum of four years’ experience and must have worked for another year under an Advocate on Record to be entitled to write the exam.

Announcing the change, Chief Justice Misra noted that the younger lawyers “should also learn” how to mention cases before the court.

Mentioning a case refers to the practice of lawyers requesting an urgent hearing before a judge.

Earlier CJIs SH Kapadia  and  RM Lodha had both abolished the practice of such out-of-turn hearing  .



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