supreme court of india news
supreme court of india news

Supreme Court Judge: Nyaya Sanyog And Legal Assistance Establishments Will Provide Access To Justice

A one stop centre that will provide information on legal aid services in Delhi, ‘Nyaya Sanyog’, was inaugurated by Delhi State Legal Services Authority (DSLSA) on Wednesday. It was inaugurated in presence of Justice Gita Mittal, the Acting Chief Justice of Delhi High Court and other judges of the High Court and district courts of Delhi. This will function in Patiala House Courts Complex. ‘Nyaya Sanyog’is the first Legal assistance establishment.

Justice Deepak Misra, after inauguration said that the Legal Assistance Establishments are an important feature of the legal service authorities as a part of their commitment to update the legal service seekers about their cases and address the grievances of legal services beneficiaries.

In such establishments, the beneficiaries would be able to get quick information about their case status pending in any of the districts, legal aid and advice and various schemes of National Legal Service Authority (NALSA) and central and state governments. Not only this, these legal aid beneficiaries can also talk to their respective advocates via telephone or video conferencing.

He further adds that Legal Assistance Establishments, Nyaya Sanyog would open a new chapter in the progressive history of National Legal Service Authority.

The first such Legal Assistance Establishment (Nyaya Sanyog) would be manned by legal aid services advocates of Delhi State Legal Service Authority. Also paralegal volunteers who have knowledge of data base — a platform containing status of all legal-aided cases pending in various courts of Delhi as well as other information required by legal services seekers would assist them.

As per J. Deepak Mishra, legal Assistance Establishments are multiple services providing single-point establishment facilitates facilities to legal aid seekers under one roof and at a single location.

Legal Assistance Establishments will also facilitate easier access to information with regard to the legal services, and with this view, he has succeeded in conceiving the idea of establishing Legal Assistance Establishments in all State Legal Services Authorities (NALSA).


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