Trump Administration Proposes Bill To Increase Allotment of Green Cards   
Trump Administration Proposes Bill To Increase Allotment of Green Cards   

A new legislation introduced by the Trump administration that pushes for merit-based immigration and enhances the allotment of Green Cards by 45 percent on an annual basis, could majorly benefit Indian IT workers.

The bill ‘Securing America’s Future Act’ proposes the closure of the diversity visa programme and cut down the overall immigration levels from the current average of 1.05 million to 260,000 a year.

It also plans on increasing the allotment limit for Green Cards from the current 120,000 to 175,000 per annum.

Will Help Indian-origin Techies

The new bill is expected to largely benefit Indian-American IT professionals, who usually come to the US on H-1B visas and then apply for Green Cards or legal permanent residence status.

As per current estimates, nearly 500,000 Indians are as of now awaiting for their Green Cards. Many of them often wait for decades to get their Green Cards. The increase in the number of green cards is likely cut down the wait periods.

But the bill eliminates the Green Card program for relatives, other than spouses and minor children, which is likely to affect the Indian Americans planning on bringing their family members to the US.

The bill however provides a renewable temporary visa for parents of citizens at no cost to taxpayers.

According to the Trump administration, a merit-based immigration system would ensure that the best and the brightest around the world come to the US while dissuading illegal immigration. Experts believe that the new bill will help technically-qualified people from countries like India and China.

A Common Sense Approach To Immigration

The legislation was introduced into the House of Representatives by a group of lawmakers which includes Martha McSally the Chairwoman of House Homeland Security Committee Border and Maritime Security Subcommittee , Bob Goodlatte Chairman of House Judiciary Committee, Michael McCaul, Chairman of House Homeland Security Committee and Raul Labrador Chairman of House Judiciary Committee Immigration and Border Security Subcommittee

According to McCaul, the bill offers “common-sense solutions”, to secure the country borders .  The authors of the legislation said it also creates a workable agricultural guest worker programme to support the US economy.

The White House noted in a statement that the legislation “would accomplish the President’s core priorities for the American people”.


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