Vijay Mallya's Extradition paperwork submitted to his Legal Team by the Indian Government
Vijay Mallya's Extradition paperwork submitted to his Legal Team by the Indian Government


The Indian government has submitted the requisite “opening note” and the paperwork related to Vijay Mallya’s extradition case to his legal team within the UK court deadline, as per the official sources.


July 31 had been set by the Chief Magistrate Emma Louise Arbuthnot, presiding at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London at the last hearing in the case on July 6, as the deadline for the Indian side represented by the UK’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to deliver to Mr Mallya’s defence team with the opening note on the case in detail.


The 61-year-old tycoon is alleged to have defaulted on several bank loans amounting to nearly Rs. 9,000 crore, by the Indian authorities.



The next hearing to evaluate the development in the case will be held at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on September 14, as per the sources. Vijay Mallya was arrested on an extradition warrant by Scotland Yard on April 18 and at present is out on bail.


Earlier this month, while arguing on behalf of the Indian government, the  CPS, had told the court that they had “excellent cooperation” with the Indian authorities in the case and now had sufficient material to establish a prima facie case for the extradition against Mallya,the former chief of erstwhile Kingfisher Airlines.


The judge agreed with the CPS to “progress with some rigour” and employed December 4 as the final date of hearing of  Mallay’s case.


If at the end of the trail the Chief Magistrate rules in favour of extradition, the UK home secretary must order Mr Mallya’s extradition within the span of two months of the appropriate day.


However, a series of appeals are expected in the case before reaching on to a conclusion.



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