World News: Google Fined £ 2.1 Billion for breaking EU competition laws
World News: Google Fined £ 2.1 Billion for breaking EU competition laws

World News: Google Fined £ 2.1 Billion for breaking EU competition laws


The European commission have levied massive penalty against Google accusing it for the breaking of European law by deforming search engines for the promotion of its own shopping services.

This investigation was launched 7 years ago when rival firms which includes Microsoft, Trip advisor  and the Internet giant gave it scores a prominent position and so other made a complaint regarding the same.

Google has been allotted 90 days to put an end to this practice, otherwise it has to face a penalty of up to 5 percent of the average daily turnover of the parent company of the firm.

According to EU,” any other services who have been affected by Google’s practices will be able to bring a civil case against the company.” To which google responded that they will consider an appeal against the decision. It also added that people who shop online wants to find the products easily and quickly and so Google while showing shopping adds, connects the users with a large number of advertisers who are eager to promote their products and so it is beneficial for both.

As per European commissioner, Google has made our great difference in our lives by launching various innovative products but it has also abused its market dominance as a search engine by promoting its own shopping services and creating cut throat competition for others. And this will be considered as illegal under EU antitrust rules. Google being dominant in 31 countries of European Economic Areas and so it has seriously harmed its competitors.

Companies who are found guilty of the infringement of EU competition rules can be fined as much as their global turnover and it could be seven billion Euros in case of Google as their 2017 turnover will be considered and have also been told to stop their anti competitive services.

President Donald Trump is likely to get angered as Brussels is imposing a fine on a US company.

Eurocrats have launched an initial complaint against Google in the year 2010 following the complaints from the rivals.

Kent Walker counsel representing Google dismissed the claims as Google shopping harms competition is completely wrong.

The attempts made by EU commissioner to resolve the dispute was all in vain due to the intense pressure by nation, rivals and privacy advocates.




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